I am not going to front, I like tex mex. Those crunchy deep fried things are off the hook (crisp tacos, chimichanga etc). My favorite spot for those things is Topanga's in Kits.

If you want some authentic tacos here is the spot, my hip hop friend showed me this place when it was located a little higher up on Victoria and the tacos were $1.50, now the tacos are $1.75.

This is an authentic Mexican Taco spot, I think they have 6 different types of tacos (pork with various spices, chicken, beef and lamb), they have some other Mexican dishes that are dope as well. When you sit down, you get a plate of nachos/chips to test out the ten different homemade salsas they have, this is your opportunity to find out what you are going to want to put on your tacos.

For the price this is a no brainer and their new location has way more comfortable seating. If you are out in this area of Vancouver make sure you stop by this spot.

Are you a Mex I can or a Mex I Can't?

Dona Cata
5076 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Tel: 604-236-2232


A friend and I was on the quest for the best Hainanese Chicken in the city, and the online reviews had it down two places, Angel Cafe, and Cafe D'Lite. Let me start off by saying I am not a Hainanese chicken head but I did take a connoisseur with me. We have both eaten at Cafe D'Lite a few times but we thought we would try something new.

Off to Angel Cafe, I love these HK style joints, you usually get a soup and a drink with the main dish all for around 10 bucks. We ordered the beef brisket on noodles and a half chicken order of Hainanese chicken. The beef brisket came quick was off the hook, really tasty, and a good sauce. I was very impressed. I will let my friend review the Hainanese Chicken.

The Hainanese chicken was traditionally prepared as you find it in Asia. The price was 10 dollars which is a good value for half a chicken. The chicken was colder than it should have been, kinda like it just came out of the fridge. The taste and texture was good but Cafe D'Lite easily has the victory especially because Cafe D'Lite serves the chicken de boned and with a tastier sauce. You can even get the chicken a Cafe D'Lite without the skin.

I would like to try it again as the beef brisket was amazing and for a great value (10 bucks).

Angel Cafe
5995 Fraser, Vancouver

On an interesting note there is a guy who looks like Rob from the Roden Gray that works there.


Not in any ranking order

1. Dona Cata - Mexican $1.75 tacos
2. Au Petit Cafe - Vietnamese - Sandwiches for 3 bucks
3. Lions Den - Caribbean / Japanese
4. Congee Noodle House - Chinese
5. Hawkers Delight - Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine
6. Safeway Sandwiches
7. Bau Chau - Vietnamese

This list will be updated as I remember and visits new spots.


It was a good friends birthday so we decided to eat a god (god not good) meal. I can't name many better Chinese spots then Kirin, and Sun Sui Wah. So here we are at Kirin doing the community style eating and we ordered like kings. We received the following: Cold plate containing smoked salmon, jelly fish, chicken, pickled cucumbers (off the hook), then the duck with hoi sin sauce and green onion with a little wrap (too tasty but I wanted more), crab and tofu soup (insane), crab and lobster plate (amazing), beef and green peas (good but i m not down with them peas), chicken and cabbage (tasty), sweet shrimp (not that ruff), scallops and broccoli (hype) , then some fried rice (wasn't feeling it). chow mein and then cold coconut flavoured dessert with tapioca balls, I think sago.

Service was amazing, they divided up all the food for us so we didn't have to reach over other people and get our sleeves dirty.

Food was off the hook and caused mad itis in all of us. My scenester ass was complaining about my tight jeans and some cats at the table even decided to undo their top jean button.

#102 - 1166 Alberni Street, Vancouver, B.C.,
Canada V6E 3Z3

Will return but it was a little expensive for a regular spot. I am not that baller to rep that every week.


I finally made my way out to Bee Kim Heng. What the hell!!!!! This stuff tastes insane. So good, I can't describe it. It tastes fresh like BBQ Pork but has the toughness like jerky. You could almost eat it with rice. You do get oily fingers from touching it but it is sooo good. Wonder what the shelf life of this is? They have both beef and pork jerky sold for $18 per pound.

The store is interesting because when you walk in there is a fridge with pop in it, and some shelves with spices on it, and no jerky to be seen. I walked up to the counter and the lady spoke to me in Chinese, I got nervous and just asked for some jerky. She replied in English and said how much? I got nervous and ended up buying a pound of beef and a pound of pork. WTF I just spent 36 bucks on jerky. I guess I will bring some back to the crew.

Go try this place. You will thank me later.

Bee Kim Heng
4149 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC V5V 4E9
(604) 677-5303
Corner of Fraser and 26th. (North East Side) - Not to long of a ride for any hipster in their fixed bike.


I don't think I made any posts on Korean food before because the only time I go to eat Korea would be at 3:00 am after the bar. So my friend was kind enough to take me to Norboo, she was Korean and took care of the ordering. We had a mochi (rice gluten cake) in soy sauce, some type of korean popcorn shrimp and a bi bim bop hot pot.

Everything was quite tasty. The popcorn shrimp didn't taste Korean, the batter was kinda "Katsu" ish but the shrimp kinda tasted Captain Highlander but I like that ghetto taste. Hot pot was good, filled with udon noodles, mushrooms, mochi, tofu and other vegetables. I love all the free refillable sides you get with Korean food (potato, bean sprouts, kim chi, and macaroni.

The hype part was I didn't smell like Korean food when I left, not to sure why.

1536 Robson Street,
Vancouver, BC V6G 1C2

Note: There is another really good Korean spot named Insadong way out in Coquitlam that has amazing seafood hot pot, to be reviewed later when I go on that mission.


After getting lost for ten minutes trying to find this place we finally arrived to a parking lot full of cars and people. The place was a pleasent surprise which had aisles of imported goodies from oils, soda to candy. In the back of the store is a deli and a prepared meal spot. They had a variety of pastas, and sandwiches, both at a great price.

Pictures were limited cause one of the employees told me to stop.

I had a premade mortadella sandwich for 4.50. I had the option of having it put in the panini machine but decided against it. This was an odd decision for me as I usually like warm meals, something about having a hot lunch that makes me happy. The sandwich was tasty, and I will return for lunch especially at that price. Next time I will rep the pasta.

Bosa Foods
1465 Kootenay Street
Vancouver, B.C.


This is perfect for the first post at this web address. Guu is one of my favorite restaurants and is now quite a popular place to eat in this city. You see more and more bridge and tunnel folk here, as well as cheesy people who normally eat at Joeys or Milestones. My man once said, "Guu has great food but it is not a place I can bring a girl on during the first date, Hapa more or less fits that role". Scenesters can stay in their hood and talk about Toshis but inside they know Guu is way rougher, it is a lot longer of a walk to Guu in the Cheap Mondays so I understand.

I like the Gastown/Otokomae (meaning handsome) Guu because the seating is comfortable and spacious, however I think the best food comes from the Kitanoya Guu located at the bottom of Robson.

Lots of good food on the menu. I am not a big fan of their sashimi however there cooked dishes are insane. My staple menu items are edamame, Ebi Mayo, Mexican Harumaki, Chicken Kara -age, salmon in foil, corquette, and yaki udon. Always check the specials to see if there is anything dope and note that the gyu shabu salad is different here compared to the one on Robson.

No hating here from me, but I think for sashimi there are tastier places (to be reviewed later). Also lots of good drinks to choose from here as well, try the Takara Ume shu (plum wine) for something different.

The Guu chain lists on my top ten places to eat. RESPECT.

Guu Otokomae

375 Water Street, Vancouver, BC


Louis Gervais
Cafe D'Lite
Guu Gastown
Best Steak Frites
Some Kinda Pasta
Pin Pin
Sebs Market Cafe
Bo Kong
Phnom Phenh
Global TV Interview
Yaas Bazaar
Legendary Noodle
Smoking Dog
The Reef
Fortune Garden
Landmark Hot Pot
Les Faux Bourgeois
Duffins Donuts
Mortons Steakhouse
Stella Tapas
Kibune Sushi
Save On Meats
Pied A Terre
Rehanah Roti
Coco Et Olive
White Spot
Kaplans Deli
Me and Julio
Best Ramen
Trixie's Crepe and Coffehaus
Tenhachi - Natto Breakfast
Beard Papa
Six Acres
Nat's Pizzeria
Kintaro Ramen
Zaccary's Pizza
Alibi Room
Terra Breads Granola
Benkei Ramen
Revel Room
La Grotta Del Formaggio
Copa Cafe
Motomachi Shokudo
WonTon King
Go Fish
Pinky's Steakhouse
East is East
Tenhachi - comfort food
Social at Le Magasin
White Spot - Calamari Sandwich
Ginza Bairin - Hawaii
Shirokiya - Hawaii
Hatsuhana - Hawaii
Grass Skirt Grill - Hawaii
Genki Sushi - Hawaii
Gyu Kaku - Hawaii
Topangas Cafe
Vera's Burger
Aoki Sushi
Splitz Burger
Congee Noodle House
Lions Den
Guu With Garlic - Nama Shibori Wari
Congee Noodle House
Red Onion Burger
Au Petit Cafe
Save On Meats - Burger
Cactus Club - Rocket Salad
Peaceful Noodle
Lin Chinese Cuisine
Chili Pepper House
Cactus Club Burger
Euro Deli
White Spot
Cactus Club Calamari Sandwich
Menya Noodle
Moderne Burger
Burgers Etc
Guu Original
Bao Chau
Hi Genki
Go Fish - Granville Island
Benkei Noodle Shop
Cioppino - Vancouver
Sutton Place - Vancouver
Ippudo - New York
Fresh Off The Boat
Pittie Soo Chow - New Jersey
Pizza in New York
Lupa - New York
Cafe Habana - New York
Katz Deli - New York
Caracas - New York
Cathay - Business Class
Social - Breakfast
Dadeo's - Go on Sunday
La Galleria - Sandwiches
Hawkers Delight - Cheap
Spices Pho - Cheap
Rodneys Oyster Bar - AMAZING
Tomato - Boo urns
Quince - Dessert
Beard Papa - Dessert
Bin 942 - Vancouver - Not worth the hype
Towa - Calgary -
Tubby Dog - Calgary - No thanks
Shibuya Izakaya - Calgary
Craziest Drink Ever
Indian Food - Raga / Noor Mahal
Yuji's part two - AMAZING
Yuji's Tapas and Sushi - One of the best places in the city - AMAZING
Prima Taste - Hainanese Chicken
Finch's Sandwiches - Fresh and tasty
Peaceful Noodle - A regular inexpensive Chinese food
Dona Cata - Tacos - cheap
Angel Cafe - Hainanese Chicken
Ping's Cafe - Main Street, Vancouver
Kirin - Downtown Vancouver - Amazing Chinese Food
Bee Kim Heng (Beef and Pork Jerky) - Vancouver - Best Jerky ever
Norboo - Downtown Vancouver
Bosa Foods - Burnaby
Guu Gastown - Vancouver - A regular spot to visit


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