I am not going to front, I like tex mex. Those crunchy deep fried things are off the hook (crisp tacos, chimichanga etc). My favorite spot for those things is Topanga's in Kits.

If you want some authentic tacos here is the spot, my hip hop friend showed me this place when it was located a little higher up on Victoria and the tacos were $1.50, now the tacos are $1.75.

This is an authentic Mexican Taco spot, I think they have 6 different types of tacos (pork with various spices, chicken, beef and lamb), they have some other Mexican dishes that are dope as well. When you sit down, you get a plate of nachos/chips to test out the ten different homemade salsas they have, this is your opportunity to find out what you are going to want to put on your tacos.

For the price this is a no brainer and their new location has way more comfortable seating. If you are out in this area of Vancouver make sure you stop by this spot.

Are you a Mex I can or a Mex I Can't?

Dona Cata
5076 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Tel: 604-236-2232


Anonymous said... @ May 3, 2008 at 4:07 PM

Recommend trying out Las Magaritas on W. 4th and MexiCali in Dunbar if you haven`t been there yet.

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