This is perfect for the first post at this web address. Guu is one of my favorite restaurants and is now quite a popular place to eat in this city. You see more and more bridge and tunnel folk here, as well as cheesy people who normally eat at Joeys or Milestones. My man once said, "Guu has great food but it is not a place I can bring a girl on during the first date, Hapa more or less fits that role". Scenesters can stay in their hood and talk about Toshis but inside they know Guu is way rougher, it is a lot longer of a walk to Guu in the Cheap Mondays so I understand.

I like the Gastown/Otokomae (meaning handsome) Guu because the seating is comfortable and spacious, however I think the best food comes from the Kitanoya Guu located at the bottom of Robson.

Lots of good food on the menu. I am not a big fan of their sashimi however there cooked dishes are insane. My staple menu items are edamame, Ebi Mayo, Mexican Harumaki, Chicken Kara -age, salmon in foil, corquette, and yaki udon. Always check the specials to see if there is anything dope and note that the gyu shabu salad is different here compared to the one on Robson.

No hating here from me, but I think for sashimi there are tastier places (to be reviewed later). Also lots of good drinks to choose from here as well, try the Takara Ume shu (plum wine) for something different.

The Guu chain lists on my top ten places to eat. RESPECT.

Guu Otokomae

375 Water Street, Vancouver, BC


Bobby Wham said... @ April 21, 2008 at 9:15 AM

Bo Bo Bo!!!

Anonymous said... @ May 3, 2008 at 12:30 AM

I have not tried this Guu yet...only the Guu with Garlic on Robson.
Heard good reviews on this one in Gastown though. The Beef Yakisoba looks really similar to the one offered at Guu With Garlic. Will be sure to try this out one day.

Unknown said... @ December 30, 2008 at 7:42 PM

Guu with Garlic on Robson has better food but this location has much better ambiance. Everything on the menu is quite good (with some items that are available at the other Guus)but stay away from the ribs - absolutely terrible! Jump drinks and other cocktails are also worth trying. Yum!

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