and it tasted like shit.

I should of known not to order a drink that looked like the NBA Finals trophy upside down. What a waste of 15 bucks, not from me but from the friend that wanted to exert her financial prowess over me.

Julios Barrio
Kensington - Calgary, Alberta


I am in Calgary for three weeks and I hope to check some of the new izakayas that they have as well as some other local spots.

Stay tuned.


How fitting. Before I leave to Jamaica, I get to have one last lunch with my homeboy at our local Caribbean spot, Cameo Cafe.

We both ordered our regular, a Coke, small jerk chicken and a curry chicken patty. It is a great meal for $11.50. There are not a lot of Caribbean spots in this city that are worth visiting, the Reef is ok, Rihannas Roti in Port Moody makes a good roti and there are a few other spots peppered into the city. The problem with Caribbean food is that the servers/cooks can often be on "island time", and your food or your menu can take a while to show up.

On the taste side of things, I enjoy this meal, the chicken patties are great (you can order them off Hibiscus foods in Poco if you want a box), the small jerk chicken which comes with a salad is seven dollars and tastes good. Ask for some extra ox tail gravy on the side for your patty and chicken. Speed was ok, I think they are a little quicker cause local workers visit here as a lunch spot.

All in all, the Cameo cafe is a good spot for some tasty Caribbean food. They also have another restaurant called the Lions Den wich also has Japanese dishes.

Cameo Cafe
295 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver

They also have some Soul food courtesy of Big Al (he used to have a restaurant on first). Also note they close at 7:00 and are not open on weekends.

Sorry for the camera phone pics.


I rarely eat Indian food. I love it but I just don't know where to go. I like Rangoli when I want something quick but I need to try some more indian places out, maybe Indian Oven next.

We went to Raga today for dinner. They have good lunch specials and I have heard good things about them. The service was amazing, some of the best I have ever had. The water glass was never less than half empty. We ordered the butter chicken ($14.50), rice, naan and another appetizer dish that I can't remember the name of, basically Indian onion rings. The meal was really tasty, but I did feel the butter chicken was a little small for $14.50. I don't plan on returning for dinner because of the value and there are many other spots I want to try but I will go back for their ten dollar lunch specials.

1177 West Broadway


My friend who recently took a trip to the southern part of India took me for dosas. This was my first time and all that was described to me was it was like an Indian burrito. The plate came and it was massive, but then I noticed about 2 inches on each end of the crepe is not stuffed. For the value of $7.50 this is a good meal, I am anxious to try more dosa spots (House of Dosa etc).

Noor Mahal
4354 Fraser Street

Warning, these meals can take some time as one crepe can take up some serious real estate on the grill.


Yes, its that good that I returned two days later. This time we got the curry calamari, spicy tuna roll, gyoza, sweet potato fries and the mango roll. The total was 33 dollars for the five dishes. for five dollars you get only four pieces of gyoza but they were dam tasty, also I would not order the sweet potato fries and get the kobe beef instead.


Above: A sampler from Yuji - Salmon belly and cod
Above: The eel tempura - incredible (sorry cut it up before I took the picture)
Above: age dashi tuna roll
Above: Mango Roll (upper left), negitoro (middle) and chopped scallop roll (upper right)

Yuji's is one of my favorite restaurants in this city. It has delicious tapas as well as some of the freshest sushi. Places like Guu and Hapa have great tapas but their sashimi, sushi and tataki do not stack up to Yujis.

Yuji's tapas is a little more pricey or a little smaller in portions than Guu but the sushi is so tasty and fresh that it freaks me out. The manager recognized me and we were lucky enough to get a small sample of the salmon belly and the cod to try. Both tasted absolutely incredible, the cod was soo good.

The mango roll (containing avocado, mango, tuna, salmon, lettuce and mayo) sits at the top of my list of sushi items there. I do not normally like the fusion of fruit with fish but this roll is absolutely one the tastiest things I have ever had. The tempura anago (eel) was not listed on the weekly menu but we asked the waiter and he had Yuji make one for us. The tempura eel is absolutely incredible, another must order item. I jumped right in and ate that roll before I could take the picture (sorry).

The other items we ordered were the chopped scallop roll, negitoro and the age dashi tuna roll (not feeling it, I will pick a different roll next time - not to sure why my friend ordered a deep fried rolls these days, ). For the two of us, our bill was just over 30 dollars.

Bottom line, if you live in this city, you have to try this restaurant. Yujis has some of the best sushi at a fairly reasonable price and some delicious tapas items that you can enjoy as well.

2059 W. Fourth Ave, Vancouver

Sorry had to use the camera phone.


After a comment that was listed on my previous post on Hainanese Chicken, I decided to take some of my friends who love that cold chicken to Prima Taste. The place has a decent decor and was very busy (usually a good sign). We ordered a few dishes for us to share, however it took over 45mins before the dishes started to arrive, I remember because I had to put more time in my parking meter.

We ordered the pratas, curry puffs, chicken platter (which had the Hainese chicken and the crispy chicken), laksa friend rice and mee goreng noodles. The pratas were really good, a nice tasty appetizer however the mee goreng noodles tasted like something that came out of a can and was expired two years ago. The laksa friend rice was a little more tasty but I really wasn't into it. Curry puffs were good but the ones at Anna's Cakehouse are better.

The Chicken.
First off, the value here was horrible, all this chicken for 15 dollars!!! The cuts of chicken were not the best and they did have the bone. My dinner partners said the hainese chicken was good, a close second to Cafe Delite however the price was way more, and they had the bones on them. The crispy chicken was good but so little pieces that it was just a tease. So, without contention my friends give Cafe Delite the title of best in the city. But we plan to visit Tropica again.

Prima Taste
570 Robson Street, Vancouver

I am not going back because it was a little pricey and the noodle joint tasted like a plate of wackness.


One of my best friends took me out for lunch to Finch's. I have had brunch(poached eggs) there before and was not feeling the spot that much other than the fact there are tons of hot girls in there. My friend was insistent that the sandwiches are the best in the city. This guy knows how to eat, you can tell by looking at him and he has revealed a lot of dope food spots in this city to me.

I got the prosciutto sandwich with olive oil and edam cheese and he got the bocconcini sandwich and paid a little more and got prosciutto added to it. The sandwich were simple and were really tasty and I mean really tasty, soo fresh and the fresh baguette was delicious. I even ate the tomatoes in the sandwich and I don't like tomatoes.

Finch's sits on the top five list of best sandwich spots in the city for me. Definitely worth a trip if you are looking for a good sandwich, it is not the cheapest sandwich in the city but definitely one of the freshest. The atmosphere is nice but seating can be limited at lunch. Also be warned it is not the quickest spot if you are looking for a sandwich with the speed of a sandwich artist from Subway you might as well go to Subway.

After the meal, I felt great like I just ate a good salad. The price of the sandwich was about eight dollars.

Finch's Tea and Coffee House
353 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC

Top Five Sandwich Spots in the City
Finch's Tea and Coffee House
La Galleria Fine Food Delicatessen
La Grotta del Formaggio
---- I need to find some more spots

I will return to some of my old favorites to see how they rank ( San Siero Deli, Green City, La Charcuterie)

Sorry homies, Social and their greasy bread didn't make the cut but it is a great value for a downtown/gastown spot.
Finch's Tea & Coffee House on Urbanspoon


I have been frequenting this place since it appeared on Broadway a few months back. The menu is huge, prices are very reasonable and there are many items that I have not normally scene on many mandarin restaurant's menu.

On this visit, we ordered the Cat Ear noodle stir fry (like a gnocchi) , the spicy cucumbers, and their legendary beef roll. Everything was really tasty and that beef roll is just amazing(a must order). The total for the three items was less than 22 dollars. This place is on my regular list so make sure you check it out. Talk to the waiter and he won't steer you wrong if you are looking to try some new things.

Their noodles are handcrafted and I would definitely pick Peaceful Noodle over Shao Lin Noodle (three doors down).

Peaceful Noodle
532 West Broadway, Vancouver