After a comment that was listed on my previous post on Hainanese Chicken, I decided to take some of my friends who love that cold chicken to Prima Taste. The place has a decent decor and was very busy (usually a good sign). We ordered a few dishes for us to share, however it took over 45mins before the dishes started to arrive, I remember because I had to put more time in my parking meter.

We ordered the pratas, curry puffs, chicken platter (which had the Hainese chicken and the crispy chicken), laksa friend rice and mee goreng noodles. The pratas were really good, a nice tasty appetizer however the mee goreng noodles tasted like something that came out of a can and was expired two years ago. The laksa friend rice was a little more tasty but I really wasn't into it. Curry puffs were good but the ones at Anna's Cakehouse are better.

The Chicken.
First off, the value here was horrible, all this chicken for 15 dollars!!! The cuts of chicken were not the best and they did have the bone. My dinner partners said the hainese chicken was good, a close second to Cafe Delite however the price was way more, and they had the bones on them. The crispy chicken was good but so little pieces that it was just a tease. So, without contention my friends give Cafe Delite the title of best in the city. But we plan to visit Tropica again.

Prima Taste
570 Robson Street, Vancouver

I am not going back because it was a little pricey and the noodle joint tasted like a plate of wackness.


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I recently visited Prima Taste. I thought it was pretty good. I'll post my review soon at:


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