How fitting. Before I leave to Jamaica, I get to have one last lunch with my homeboy at our local Caribbean spot, Cameo Cafe.

We both ordered our regular, a Coke, small jerk chicken and a curry chicken patty. It is a great meal for $11.50. There are not a lot of Caribbean spots in this city that are worth visiting, the Reef is ok, Rihannas Roti in Port Moody makes a good roti and there are a few other spots peppered into the city. The problem with Caribbean food is that the servers/cooks can often be on "island time", and your food or your menu can take a while to show up.

On the taste side of things, I enjoy this meal, the chicken patties are great (you can order them off Hibiscus foods in Poco if you want a box), the small jerk chicken which comes with a salad is seven dollars and tastes good. Ask for some extra ox tail gravy on the side for your patty and chicken. Speed was ok, I think they are a little quicker cause local workers visit here as a lunch spot.

All in all, the Cameo cafe is a good spot for some tasty Caribbean food. They also have another restaurant called the Lions Den wich also has Japanese dishes.

Cameo Cafe
295 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver

They also have some Soul food courtesy of Big Al (he used to have a restaurant on first). Also note they close at 7:00 and are not open on weekends.

Sorry for the camera phone pics.


Bobby Wham said... @ May 15, 2008 at 3:57 PM

don't apologize for the camera phone pics, all my shots are from a k750

mdc said... @ May 25, 2008 at 1:45 PM

hahahah, this is one of the best local food blogs! I love teasing the hipsters! I'm going to try a lot of these places, there are a bunch i've seen, but never been to. Thanks!

Josh Pong said... @ July 6, 2008 at 5:20 PM

fuck this guy and his jamaican math - my bill was fucking retarded

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