Above: A sampler from Yuji - Salmon belly and cod
Above: The eel tempura - incredible (sorry cut it up before I took the picture)
Above: age dashi tuna roll
Above: Mango Roll (upper left), negitoro (middle) and chopped scallop roll (upper right)

Yuji's is one of my favorite restaurants in this city. It has delicious tapas as well as some of the freshest sushi. Places like Guu and Hapa have great tapas but their sashimi, sushi and tataki do not stack up to Yujis.

Yuji's tapas is a little more pricey or a little smaller in portions than Guu but the sushi is so tasty and fresh that it freaks me out. The manager recognized me and we were lucky enough to get a small sample of the salmon belly and the cod to try. Both tasted absolutely incredible, the cod was soo good.

The mango roll (containing avocado, mango, tuna, salmon, lettuce and mayo) sits at the top of my list of sushi items there. I do not normally like the fusion of fruit with fish but this roll is absolutely one the tastiest things I have ever had. The tempura anago (eel) was not listed on the weekly menu but we asked the waiter and he had Yuji make one for us. The tempura eel is absolutely incredible, another must order item. I jumped right in and ate that roll before I could take the picture (sorry).

The other items we ordered were the chopped scallop roll, negitoro and the age dashi tuna roll (not feeling it, I will pick a different roll next time - not to sure why my friend ordered a deep fried rolls these days, ). For the two of us, our bill was just over 30 dollars.

Bottom line, if you live in this city, you have to try this restaurant. Yujis has some of the best sushi at a fairly reasonable price and some delicious tapas items that you can enjoy as well.

2059 W. Fourth Ave, Vancouver

Sorry had to use the camera phone.


Bobby Wham said... @ May 11, 2008 at 11:35 AM

oh Matt, you'rer not down with the tempura tuna roll? it's so god to me, made me go buck when I ate that.

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