Ok, I am not a fan of Yaletown shops, bars and the generally the Ed Hardy wearing muscle guys that take their shirt off at clubs but Yaletown has some of the best restaurants in BC. Took a date to Rodneys Oyster Bar in Yaletown. Although there was a wait, we sat on the side and had a Ceasar which was incredible, fresh grated horseradish, and a prawn on the rim.

We ordered two mains (about $16 a piece) and an appetizer. We had the pan fried oysters in butter and the fried scallops (I think the name was scallop gratin) and a bowl of chowder to share. We both agree, that the food was excellent. I really cannot say more other than it was delicious and I will go back again and again. The atmosphere was perfect, like a dockside restaurant and the service was great.

Definitely worth going to.

Rodneys Oyster Bar
405-1228 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 6L2
I would recommend that you get a reservation

Watch out for Red Tide, there are some local closures going on.

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I do not know how long I have been sleeping on this spot but the food here is really great, thanks to my man KG for the intel.

First off, the atmosphere is a little odd. It sits in the lobby of this hotel/apartment building/bed and breakfast place. My man KG describes it as a fish and chips spot turned into a Japanese restaurant. You will easily miss this spot if you were not looking for it when driving by.

The food was excellent, Japanese home style cooking (similar style to Hachibei and Yoshoko ya). We started our dinner off with the amberjack sashimi (4pcs for 7.95) which was flown in from Japan. I have never had amberjack before so I have no reference to compare it to but it tasted great, amazing texture and no fishy taste. It was really good quality fish. As a main dish we ordered the tempura dinner and grilled saba (but there was choice of grilled salmon or sanma). As you can tell by the pictures the meal comes with various sides (rice, curry potato salad, organic miso soup, daikon and cucumber and a pickled vegetable dish). This was the tastiest miso soup that I have ever had. The tempura was really good, the dish even came with the horse radish and ginger to put in your tempura sauce. We also ordered the saba which was super tasty and not too dry, best saba I have had so far. The dinners were about 13 dollars per plate which is a bit more than Yoshoko ya but I do feel the quality of the food is better, but I love Yoshoko ya's salad.

Try this place out, it is definately worth a visit. I will be back so you will see pictures again. Someone said these were the previous owners of hachibei.

1125 W.12th Ave, Vancouver
Tel: 604-742-0234
I found a menu online here
There is a sandwich board outside that marks the spot but otherwise the restaurant is hard to find. If it was on main street this could be the new Pings.

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I am one of those people, I like ketchup, red pasta sauce but not tomatoes, so why did I go for brunch at a place called Tomato? I have heard good things about this place both in Kits and when it was located on Cambie.

Two dishes were ordered. I had the eggs benedict and my friend had the eggs breakfast. I am not sure of the price but it was around 10 - 12 dollars. The service here just sucked, took way too long to get coffee, and water and way too long to get the bill. I hate waiting for the bill, when you plates have been taking from your table a long time ago. I will not return, N E V E R.

2486 Bayswater Street

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For those that do the alphabet game (go to a new restaurant every week that starts with a new letter A- Aji sai B - Bacchus etc) here is an alternative to Quiznos. Quince has vacuum pack dinners and treats for you to take home and eat, today I tried one of their desserts. I present to you the single malt scotch dark chocolate pudding. The texture is like no other, smooth like frosted malt and soo yummy. I am not a fan of desserts with alcohol in it but this one is decadent.

1780 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC,

The use of neon colours will soon attract the hipsters, try it before they do and be the first to match your American Apparel jeans with your food packaging. Thats hot!!!!!

Quince Studio on Urbanspoon


Straight out of Japan comes Beard Papa. I have been here before but it was when I stopped blogging (I miss those days cause I didn't have to carry my camera and my camera feels real uncomfortable in my tight jeans). This is a tasty dessert, the cream is really good and smooth and just slightly chilled. The problem is I can't eat more than half, but I don't know why. Its not too rich or too sweet, I just can't eat a full one.

They claim to be only 250 calories per cream puff which isn't that bad for a whip cream dessert. But beware guys, if you eat too many of them, that American Apparel neon green scoop neck that goes down to your belly isn't going to look that good on you. Remember horizontal stripes can make you look fat.

Beard Papa
Aberdeen Place
Richmond, BC

There is one coming downtown on Denman. Take your fixey bike down there and burn 250 calories and then eat a cream puff. Then you come out equal.


I have heard a few people rave about this place so I placed it on my list to check out. I find that there are not too many places in Vancouver that have great West Coast Food, and I wanted to see how Bin placed.

The price of the food was quite expensive, each small dish was about 16 dollars with sides around 4 -7 dollars. We ordered three dishes, Kobe Beef Meatballs, Spot Prawn Risotto and Mussels in garlic sauce and a side order of Navajo bread. The food was fairly tasty but I thought it could of been better especially considering the price. The Mussels were good but the broth was very basic, the kobe meatballs pretty much just sucked, and the spot prawn risotto had four prawns in it, and the taste was ok, far from amazing.

So what the hell. People rave about this spot and it has received numerous awards but this place did not get my pallet excited, not the least. In my opinion, Bin 942 is not worth it and it is not really worth a second chance from me.

I know the hipsters don't go here because four dishes from Bin would equal a pair of Cheap Mondays or two tickets to watch Girl Talk hit the play button on his Mac but at least he takes of his shirt.

Bin 942
1521 West Broadway Street
Vancouver, BC

Note : the border is open to Japanese Beef, but Kobe beef can be made in the USA. I am pretty sure that if this meat was kobe beef it is the American version.


So I was lucky enough to go out to eat with a few friends. I arrived at Towa first and had a chance to sit down and look at the menu. What caught my eye was every roll was at least 12 dollars. I was pretty much like WTF is this, better be off the hook!! We shortly ordered once everyone arrived.
On the table was the alaskan roll, black and white roll, and the rainbow roll, and I ordered a piece of Tamago for myslef.

The rolls were huge and were quite tasty. The alaskan roll had philly cream cheese in it but way too much, it was like when you were a kid and you were allowed to put philly cream cheese on your toast, you always put way too much.

Towa had real tasty sushi, the price of the rolls was very high but the rolls were huge. The problem with this is that you don't get to try as many different rolls.

Towa Sushi
2116 - 4th Street SW


I saw this place on Muchmusic a long time ago and I was like who desires to get a 7 dollar hot dog with really weird ingredients on it like PB and J, Captain Crunch, coleslaw etc.

Well one of my homeboys from Calgary took me there on Saturday night. I ordered a Slaw dog which had coleslaw and chili on it and my boy had the PB&J Dog which had Peanut Butter and Jam with Captain Crunch on it. All in all, not feeling it. I rather have Japadog and I don't know about going to a restaurant to eat a hot dog. Not my thing. Still tasted like a movie hot dog with some junk on it.
The atmosphere was nice and the crowd inside was odd. Lots of Rockabilly type people with national geographic ears, you know the ones with the big bowls in their ear lobes.
Tubby Dog
Calgary Alberta
You don't need the address because you don't need to go.


So I am out visiting Calgary for work and I read about Shibuya Izakaya. Located far away from downtown beside a rub and tug and a bubble tea shop. The place was a little to hip for my liking but I think that would work in Calgary. The menu had some familiar items on it such as Ebi Mayo, Yaki udon, korokke and lots more.

Today, I ate the curry ramen for 10.95, it had pork cutlet in it. The broth was good, and having the cut up pork in the soup was a great addition. The noodles tasted like crap, I mean real bad. I couldn't understand it cause the noodles you get in the instant noodles are better, it tasted like a mouthful of wheat paste.

I have already gone back and will post those pics when I can get them off my camera.

Guu destroys this place but with some time I am sure Shibuya can get it together. Just copy the Guu steez guys.


Yaki udon- I wasn't feeling the cream sauce or the abundace of fish eggs. Please go to Guu and copy their receipe.

Beef Tataki - had a nice taste
Ebi Chilli Mayo - tasty but too much hot sauce, ask them to put it on the side.

Miso Cod - tasty