Ok, I am not a fan of Yaletown shops, bars and the generally the Ed Hardy wearing muscle guys that take their shirt off at clubs but Yaletown has some of the best restaurants in BC. Took a date to Rodneys Oyster Bar in Yaletown. Although there was a wait, we sat on the side and had a Ceasar which was incredible, fresh grated horseradish, and a prawn on the rim.

We ordered two mains (about $16 a piece) and an appetizer. We had the pan fried oysters in butter and the fried scallops (I think the name was scallop gratin) and a bowl of chowder to share. We both agree, that the food was excellent. I really cannot say more other than it was delicious and I will go back again and again. The atmosphere was perfect, like a dockside restaurant and the service was great.

Definitely worth going to.

Rodneys Oyster Bar
405-1228 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 6L2
I would recommend that you get a reservation

Watch out for Red Tide, there are some local closures going on.

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shokutsu said... @ July 2, 2008 at 8:14 PM

Hi tom_edo, followed you over here from the CH board. I'd been told of this place after shooting pool in a bar practically across the street from there in Yaletown. Curious, how's the fresh oyster lineup there? I see you didn't try any on this night but did you see any others eating them?

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Gyromite said... @ July 2, 2008 at 11:00 PM

I hear great things about their oysters from many people. I am going to try it next time for sure.

Lots of people were eating them but I am a sucker for fried things so went that way that night but next time I will eat the raw oysters.

I am going to check your blog now.

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