So I am out visiting Calgary for work and I read about Shibuya Izakaya. Located far away from downtown beside a rub and tug and a bubble tea shop. The place was a little to hip for my liking but I think that would work in Calgary. The menu had some familiar items on it such as Ebi Mayo, Yaki udon, korokke and lots more.

Today, I ate the curry ramen for 10.95, it had pork cutlet in it. The broth was good, and having the cut up pork in the soup was a great addition. The noodles tasted like crap, I mean real bad. I couldn't understand it cause the noodles you get in the instant noodles are better, it tasted like a mouthful of wheat paste.

I have already gone back and will post those pics when I can get them off my camera.

Guu destroys this place but with some time I am sure Shibuya can get it together. Just copy the Guu steez guys.


Yaki udon- I wasn't feeling the cream sauce or the abundace of fish eggs. Please go to Guu and copy their receipe.

Beef Tataki - had a nice taste
Ebi Chilli Mayo - tasty but too much hot sauce, ask them to put it on the side.

Miso Cod - tasty


Bobby Wham said... @ June 10, 2008 at 5:43 PM

Still, T SLop doesn't have a real izakaya :(

Unknown said... @ January 3, 2009 at 3:38 PM

man...just moved to calgary...they have no guu here :(

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