So I was lucky enough to go out to eat with a few friends. I arrived at Towa first and had a chance to sit down and look at the menu. What caught my eye was every roll was at least 12 dollars. I was pretty much like WTF is this, better be off the hook!! We shortly ordered once everyone arrived.
On the table was the alaskan roll, black and white roll, and the rainbow roll, and I ordered a piece of Tamago for myslef.

The rolls were huge and were quite tasty. The alaskan roll had philly cream cheese in it but way too much, it was like when you were a kid and you were allowed to put philly cream cheese on your toast, you always put way too much.

Towa had real tasty sushi, the price of the rolls was very high but the rolls were huge. The problem with this is that you don't get to try as many different rolls.

Towa Sushi
2116 - 4th Street SW


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