I saw this place on Muchmusic a long time ago and I was like who desires to get a 7 dollar hot dog with really weird ingredients on it like PB and J, Captain Crunch, coleslaw etc.

Well one of my homeboys from Calgary took me there on Saturday night. I ordered a Slaw dog which had coleslaw and chili on it and my boy had the PB&J Dog which had Peanut Butter and Jam with Captain Crunch on it. All in all, not feeling it. I rather have Japadog and I don't know about going to a restaurant to eat a hot dog. Not my thing. Still tasted like a movie hot dog with some junk on it.
The atmosphere was nice and the crowd inside was odd. Lots of Rockabilly type people with national geographic ears, you know the ones with the big bowls in their ear lobes.
Tubby Dog
Calgary Alberta
You don't need the address because you don't need to go.


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