Reviewed this place before, real good Chinese style seafood. This time went to the new location located in New West.


What you see here are
1. Raw oysters from BC, Wa and PEI
2. Fried stuff - scallops, oysters and the halibut (a little dry today)
3. The 12 dollar Ceasar. Pricey but good.

I really like this place!!!!

The previous review on Rodneys can be found here


I am on a quest to find the five best breakfast/brunch spots in the city not including the buffet joints like Sutton or Hotel Vancouver.

Went to Social in Gastown for weekend brunch. No jokes here. First off, the service was amazing. The girl was really on point, pretty much could be wifey. She knew the products inside out and even spoke to the chef for our special request.

We were given cinnamon raisin biscuits with some strawberry jam as a complementary starter, and they were absolutely amazing. I ordered the eggs benedict and it was done perfectly. Eggs were runny enough, bacon was crispy and tasty and the potatoes were crispy and tasty (served with aolli). My cohort had an all egg white omelet with mushrooms, my spoonful that I was offered was a cup of amazing.

I highly recommend this spot for breakfast/brunch.

Social at Le Magasin
332 Water Street

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Dadeos is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Edmonton and there is no way people can consider this place anything close to being the best in Vancouver. However, my friends really liked this place.

I order the chicken wings which were recommended to me by my friends. My other friend who went to Dadeos for the first time shared my thought, the chicken was way to dry. I hear they are half price on sunday though, so I will try them again then.

Otherwise, Edmonton you better step up your game. I know cowboys and hipsters wear the same slim fitting jeans but we eat much better. No prairie oysters here.
Dadeo Diner and Bar
3305 Cambie Street,
Vancouver, BC

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Hey Vancouver Sloppers!

Hit up White people town AKA North Vancouver with Matt this afternoon to peep this sandwich spot he's been harping about - La Galleria Fine Foods. Place was full of fresh ingredients to purchase so i knew right off the bat the food would be good, and it was. the sandwiches lacked the flare or presentation of Finches (downtown Vancouver) but i like how the baguettes were a little flatter then normal and easier to bite. Meats were great and fresh toppings made the scenic drive well worth it. Matt ordered the sliced chicken and i had the pastrami. My experience was was free due to a bet Matt lost to me - so he covered lunch.

3055 Highland Blvd
North Vancouver
(604) 990-9162
Tue-Fri 9:30-5:30 Sat 9:30-5


I reviewed this place before when I had my old blog but I decided to go back because it is one hell of a deal. The atmosphere isn't the best but the value makes the sit worth while. Pretty much all dishes here are about 5 bucks each.

Today, I ordered the Hainanese Chicken Rice, a prawn noodle soup and a flat rice noodle dish. Everything was tasty and from my understanding the tastes were true to how it would taste in South East Asia.

There isn't a better deal to be found in the city except for the pair of Cheap Mondays I dropped off at Value Village. Run Hipsters Run!!! (They are at Hastings V V).

Hawkers Delight
4127 Main St., Vancouver

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Based on a recommendation, I went to Spices again for Pho. The food was good with a tasty broth, I added the premium meat to make it better. Pho is a real good deal, but it all tastes pretty good to me, I have not been able to tell the difference between good and amazing pho.
I can tell the difference between the ones with stinky tables and cockroaches and the ones that do not have cockroaches and stinky tables. Clean your rags damit. Spices has the nicest interior for a Pho spot and good service and non stinky tables.

3346 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC

You can search restaurant inspections here.

For a good local Pho blog go here - www.xanga.com/pholicious

Spices on Urbanspoon