I reviewed this place before when I had my old blog but I decided to go back because it is one hell of a deal. The atmosphere isn't the best but the value makes the sit worth while. Pretty much all dishes here are about 5 bucks each.

Today, I ordered the Hainanese Chicken Rice, a prawn noodle soup and a flat rice noodle dish. Everything was tasty and from my understanding the tastes were true to how it would taste in South East Asia.

There isn't a better deal to be found in the city except for the pair of Cheap Mondays I dropped off at Value Village. Run Hipsters Run!!! (They are at Hastings V V).

Hawkers Delight
4127 Main St., Vancouver

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Anonymous said... @ July 8, 2008 at 12:34 PM

check out hi genki.

Gyromite said... @ July 11, 2008 at 4:39 PM

Will do, I grew up on Fujiya but havent made the voyage out to Higenki though.

Anonymous said... @ August 1, 2008 at 9:31 PM

Hawker's is one of my favorite inexpensive places to eat in Vancouver. We always get mad cravings for the Dried Bee Hoon. It's even fun to say.

Anonymous said... @ August 3, 2008 at 10:07 AM

As someone from South-east Asia, I must say of all the places I've visited which proclaim themselves to serve Singaporean and Malaysian food, this is ranked #3 on my list, excluding considerations of price, service and ambiance. Not that the food offered is that close to authenticity.

North America is quite far from being able to replicate the true flavours of South east Asia.

My partner and I ordered spring roll as starters. It was crisp and delicious though greasy. He also ordered Satay, which I thought must have been pre-cooked (btw - none of the satays I've tasted in Vancouver had been able to pass my strict "authenticity" test.)

I ordered Dry noodle (otherwise known as "Mee Pok" in Singapore - the pork served was dry though I finished the flat noodles and bean sprouts. Out of 10, I'd give it a 6.5 . My partner ordered Nasi Goreng ( a popular Malaysian dish). I thought it was nice as it had a strong wok fried taste but my partner left half of it unfinished, which I happily lapped up (Note: I'm NOT chubby !!!)

I noticed that the other table (a family of 3) craned their necks to look at the food we ordered (busybodies!). I bet they must be curious as to what we ordered, and how they tasted. They could have asked ! My peripheral vision (to be discreet) can't help noticing that they ordered another plate of MEE GORENG to go after the female lady devoured the whole plate. Must be that good huh ! Sadly, they left with a whole mess of used tissues which they could have disposed of themselves.

Anyway, before I left, I remembered the CURRY PUFFS that I could not help noticing at the cashier's when we ordered the food. I observed attentively while I was eating that 2 caucasian women came in and took out some curry puffs as well.

The CURRY PUFFS evoked images of my childhood while I was living in South-east Asia and I went back before leaving and ordered to take out 4 of them, and finished all 4 at one go with Starbucks Coffee. YUM - recommended. (Note: Meat eaters, be forewarned that these CURRY PUFFS have no meat, ideal for me since I'm slowly transitioning into becoming a vegetarian.)

All in all, it was an interesting experience.Would I come back again? Most likely - to savour the MEE GORENG which I noticed the other table taking out, the hallmark Laksa which everyone here was raving about, and other more exotic dishes.

But one piece of advice - for anyone who wants to have a taste of REAL Singaporean and Malaysian food, please do yourself a favour and let your tastebuds dance in frenzy in Singapore and Malaysia ! Example, for a dish like "Nasi Lemak" that was charged at C$14 in Vancouver, I could get it at an air-conditioned food mall in modern Singapore for C$3.00, no tips required. Other fantastic and exotic dishes (and no, I don't mean pig guts or duck webbed feet) are also available at around such ridiculously low prices. You're too precious to shortchange yourself by living your beautiful life eating at wannabes :)

sandroid said... @ August 31, 2008 at 11:23 AM

re: above
you have stated the very obvious quite lengthily. "brevity is the soul of wit", look it up. you don't have to be from south asia to know that any south asian restaurant out if its home origin's authenticity is questionable. moreover, while we all know that we are paying for overpriced versions of the same food, we are not all fortunate enough to buy a $2000 plane ticket to malaysia every time we crave a bloody mee goreng. lastly, being such a self-proclaimed south asian food authenticist while ranking hawker's delight as your #3 on your list of best food not only deems your entire post completely dubious and slightly ignorant by showing how little of vancouver's diverse and unrivaled cuisines you have yet to discover.

Anonymous said... @ August 31, 2008 at 11:26 AM

well said. well said.

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