My but is so big I can't fly coach. Kidding, I am skinny guy but I just liked that reference to the movie swingers. Off to New York via Cathay Pacific to visit some friends and do a little shopping. My buddy and I got bumped up to business class, and man is it ever a big difference. Immediately, when you walk in champagne is served, then a bottle of water is given to you for the flight, cocktails come by shortly after. You sit in these nice pods that have a massaging chair and you can lie down fully.

For dinner I had a glass of the white, a cup of water, a fruit plate, a smoked salmon dish, prawns wrapped in tofu with rice, a triple chocolate cake, some cheese and crackers and some chocolates that were being handed out.

On the way back we flew coach and this is what I received, still not bad, had some chicken and potatoes dish with a cheesecake.


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