We had some tour guides today, and we ate like kings. This was our lunch and wait til I show you our dinner. We wanted to try some soft shell blue crab and this Chinese spot was the answer. The food was really good here, (I am usually the asshole that says "Vancouver has the best Chinese food, thanks for taking me here but we got better") but this place was really tasty and cheap. Had the Mabo Tofu, Xiaol├│ngbao (soup dumplings both crab and pork), some bun with the meat you see in lettuce wrap, tong choi and deep fried blue crab.

What a great feeling to have good Chinese food and that crab was an amazing taste to try, eating the shell makes things so much easier.

Like most Chinese restaurants the washroom was a little nasty.

Pittie Soo Chow
607 Gorge Road
New Jersey
Wait until you see my supper.