Above - Lassos Pizza
Above - Artichoke Pizza

So everyone has their favorite pizza spot. Group 1 says Lassos and Group 2 says Artichoke Pizza, Internets says Johns Pizzeria, also worth mentioning is Lombardis but I hear they aren't that hype, just known for being old school and Grimaldis got mentioned a few times.

Lassos was good and during happy hour they have a slice for a dollar, what a deal. Artichoke wins this battle hands down, that pizza was fantastic, flavours incredible. It was very rich, like a can of soup on the pizza but was truly amazing. Love that spot!!!! Recommended by my friend El Gato.

Pizza Spots to hit up in NY.

Artichoke - 328 East 14th Street, New York NY

Johns Pizzeria - 408 E 64th St, Between 1st & York Ave, New York, NY

Lassos - 192 Mott StreetNew York, NY

Lombardis -32 Spring St, between Mulberry & Mott St, New York, NY