Patio season is ending but we managed to catch some nice weather and we had a seat on the patio at Subeez. Technically, it is not really a patio but more of a sidewalk. The problem is Subeez is located on a hill and we were at the last table and sat on a serious downward slope. If you spilt a drink, your friend on the end of the table would get soaked.

I ordered the brie and chicken burger for 13 dollars and ordered half fries and half salad (love it when you can do that). We also split a pitcher of sangria for 18 dollars.

The sandwich tasted good, the cheese added a nice accent to the chicken. I wouldn't rate this place as amazing but it was an ok meal. Inside Subeez was like a rave, with a live DJ playing hard techno or house or something. I am so glad I was sitting outside cause that much electronica music would have made me crazy. Is electronica music still relevant? I see less and less people with those really wide straight legs and old stores like Pharcyde and Futuristic Flavour are long gone. I do know there are still raves on the island but those are just mainly drug parties aren't they.

Subeez Cafe
891 Homer Street, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 687-6107

I would not consider this a great place for food but it ok to share a drink and some nachos or something.
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Yes said... @ September 2, 2008 at 2:28 PM

Subeez is so raver. I always order the same thing, veggie burger and garlic mayo fries with salad. I haven't been there since my cousin worked there several years ago. That's probably why I went there...nothing better than free drinks.

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