Back to Tenhachi again. This place is so dope, I came back here because I wanted to show more people how good it is. I ordered the miso saba ($13.00) and it was fantastic, my friend order the amberjack neck ($17.00).

All the Japanese food is great here. My miso saba tasted so good, it just melted in my mouth, such an incredible flavour. The miso soup is the best I have ever had, containing a variety of ingredients (this time it even had broccoli bits in it).

Judging by the crowd, Tenhachi is still a hidden gem but there does seem to be more and more people here each time. This time we had some strange dude that thought I was committing espionage by taking pictures of the food. I wonder if he is some conspiracy theory guy. Big brother is watching you eat your fish and chips.

The atmosphere as I have mentioned before is a little un ordinary Tenhachi is located in the bottom of a bed and breakfast / hotel. Here is a picture to better describe what I am talking about. Note the bags of chips at the counter. There are lots of other weird things in the restaurant as well, like a mannequin of a sailor that greats you at the door.

Bottom line - the food here is great, not your typical Japanese food but really flavourful. I haven't ordered the rolls here because they are very pricey but I will have to try them.
If you really want to show your foodie friends an undiscovered place to eat, take them here.

1125 W.12th Ave. Shaughnessy Village Hotel
Vancouver B.C. Canada

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Anonymous said... @ August 31, 2008 at 12:56 AM


mike said... @ August 31, 2008 at 2:06 PM

great review! look forward to trying this place!

shokutsu said... @ September 17, 2008 at 9:38 PM

Made my first visit recently, and I concur, this place is a true gem! Will blog about it soon on my site. :)

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