This is my favorite place to eat in South Granville, if you have any other favorite spots please let me know in the comments section. Vij's Rangoli sells packaged frozen and ready to eat dinners and in their diner they serve meat and vegetable entrees made fresh. I ordered the lamb curry with green beans celeriac served with rice and naan bread for 13.50. The lamb curry is fantastic, it is not spicy and the lamb does not taste too gamey. The flavours are really clean and fresh and you do not walk away feeling really heavy or smelling like Indian food. You get a small portion of naan and rice but you can ask for more if you need to for no extra charge. The bulk of the seating is outside on the patio, which is a great sit in the summer months, inside there is additional seating but not to much. The atmosphere is clean and bright, the washrooms have little TVs in them that showcase Bollywood movies which can make your wait for the toilet a little longer than it should.

Shown on the bottom right is the kale and yam curry on semolina crepe. I rank this place high on my list. I am going to come up with a ranking system soon.

1488 West 11th Ave
11th and Granville Street

The chefs are all vegetarians and they gauge the flavour of the meat dishes by smell not taste.

Rangoli on Urbanspoon


It sucks to be sick especially when the sun is out. Congee is like the Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup, it is great when you are sick. Took a trip to Hon's Won Ton House on Robson. As a kid my parents used to take me to Hon's in New West to get potstickers and soup, they didn't have many other items on the menu then. There is now a location downtown, Coquitlam, Richmond and there is still the Chinatown and New West locations. The downtown location is the best of all of them, the facility is nice looking, having a separate kitchen for vegetarian and meat, and they stepped up their level of service because their regular level of service just won't cut it for the downtown crowd, for example throwing all the cutlery on the table for the patrons to sort out, or pouring tea like a bartender at a club where your table ends up with this puddle at the end.

Ordered the Chinese Mushroom and chicken congee, a Chinese donut and an order of the crispy noodle chow mein. The congee is tasty and the donut which was dipped in the congee provides an alternative texture. The donut was not as crispy as it should be and the house special was horrible. The sauce had a burnt taste to it and they used a different noodle that I was not used to. It tasted wack!!!!

Hon's Won Ton House
1339 Robson Street, Vancouver

Hon's is a good consistent restaurant chain but there are better Chinese restaurants out there.
It has become so popular that you can even buy action figures and T shirts there.

PS I didn't take a picture of the congee because it just looked boring.
Hon's Wun Tun House on Urbanspoon


One readers comment to my last post made me want to write this.

As an environmental biologists I try to align myself with companies that have similar interests in the environment. I like purchasing products from companies that are trying to be carbon neutral, support the local economy and give back to the community.

When I picked my bank, I specifically choose Vancity because of their proactive public environmental policy. However, I will admit on my small scale purchasing and eating for that matter I am not the most conscious consumer. Today, I asked myself how much research do I do before I pick my restaurant? Do I know where they get there meat from, what slaughterhouse did they use, are their practices humane? Are they using local ingredients or do they just claim to? Is it certified organic? Are there employees treated fairly? All of this information is very hard information to validate or find out and I will admit that I do not check my "facts" before I go into a restaurant.

As a person who eats out everyday, my budget sometimes picks my restaurant for me. I can generally tell from the cleanliness and organization of a restaurant on how good their sanitation levels are. Obviously, I do not want rat droppings, or cockroaches in my food and I do not want my chicken sitting out in room temperature for long periods of time. I know we do not have enough restaurant inspectors to have thorough frequent inspections on all restaurants and perhaps I place too much faith in our municipal inspectors and expect that all bad or unsafe restaurants would be closed down. Looking at the municipal website many restaurants that I have been to have had over 5 non compliance items listed (Subeez, Rugby, Congee Noodle House, Toshis, Cactus Club, Guu and I am sure there are lots more).

This post is an admittance that I do eat at some establishments that may not be the cleanest and that the restaurants that I choose to dine at may not have the same values that I have towards the environment, economy and human capital (Triple Bottom Line). I just don't have the time to do all that research and I like to try different restaurants.

Thanks for your comments.


Since I eat out everyday, I find myself at times picking places that offer a great value. The Lions Den is one of those places for me. For 7.50 you get Jerk Chicken on rice and beans with a small salad, this generally will last me two meals, I have even stretched it to three once.

The chicken is very different than what you would get in Jamaica but I do like the taste. It is a little spicy for those of you who can't take spicy food but a good meal. The restaurant offers a variety of food from Caribbean food to Japanese food, you can even order the "Remix " and get a plate of Teriyaki chicken and Jerk chicken.

The atmosphere isn't the nicest but it does have a lot of character. If you are a white person with dread locks it might be your steez. Sometimes the owner tells the story of Junior the lion (which is hung on the wall) and I rather not hear that story again, its nice and cute but goes for a little too long. The owners (Ken and Junko) are rad though.

Nuff Respect to the Lions Den.

Lions Den Cafe
651 East 15th Ave.
Vancouver BC Canada
Near Kingsway and Fraser.

Side bar, when I was in Jamaica, everyone called me Chinaman and it was generally accepted as ok by all other people. The problem is, I am Japanese, eventually I took the name Mr. Chin a character from the Movie Shottas (dope as hell movie), I liked that name a little more. It is weird cause there are nuff Japanese people in Jamrock.

Lions Den Cafe on Urbanspoon


If you haven't gone yet, do it.

First off, going to the place is a like a little adventure. Walking into the hotel feels a little weird. You may ask your friend where are we and what year are we in? The interior of the restaurant is just as strange, it was best described to be as what a bad Polish wedding would look like. The picture below best describes it, brick walls, circle, fish eye windows, and mirrored pillars. If you are there on a sunny day, you can walk to the back patio and see the pool, fountain and the mini golf course (Yes, mini golf, no need to go to Playland for Mini Golf anymore). The hotel reminds me of the place that they filmed the movie Cocoon in.

I have already stressed this but the Japanese Food is great. Check the daily specials if there is anything that strikes your fancy because some of the best items there are off that menu. I'll will keep this short and to the point. Take one of your friends and have a great food experience and an interesting atmosphere experience. It is really off the hook.

1125 West 12th Ave, Vancouver
Close to Oak St and 12th Ave

For the hip kids, take them here instead of Pings, its a better deal and a real crazy experience. You read about the fountains and the mini golf right!
Not a first date spot.
Tenhachi Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


This is my favorite drink for the summer. I call it the Ikea drink because you have to put it together yourself, but it is part of the fun. You can get it at Guu with Garlic and at Shiru Bay in Yaletown.

I believe the name of the drink is Nama Shibori Wari. You get a glass of a vodka, and you get your choice of two halves of fruits, I usually ask for a half of grapefruit and a half orange. They often get confused and just give you two halves of the same fruit. We all know how easy it is to confuse Japaneses servers. Some of the smartest people out there but you don't want them to think outside of the box when their position doesn't call for it. You then have to spend 3 mins juicing your drinks while everyone besides you are cheersing but once you have done that you have the most refreshing beverage out there. Soo refreshing and I love having lots of pulp in my drink.

It costs somewhere around 5 bucks and you can add soda for 50 cents more.

Guu with Garlic.
1698 Robson Street, Vancouver
near Robson and Bidwell.


Congee Noodle House is one of my regular spots for Chinese food. The are lots of pros to this spot, the food is cheap and tasty, there lots of seating so there are not long waits to sit, they are open late and they are situated in a convenient location (Broadway and Main Street). The menu is full of good things but on this sitting we had a plate of BBQ pork, deep fried squid, deep fried won tons and the house special chowmein and a bucket of rice.

Everything tasted good and the service was solid. Not the best atmosphere but nice atmosphere Chinese restaurants are in another tier so I wouldn't bother comparing it to places like Kirin, Sun Sui Wah etc. The meal between 5 of us came to about 10 dollars per person.

Congee Noodle House
141 E Broadway, Vancouver
Broadway and Main
Tel: 604-879-8221

A great place to enjoy food with co workers, and friends that you just want to have a nice tasty meal. Not a date spot.

Congee Noodle House on Urbanspoon


Ok, so I was brave or stupid enough to take on a challenge for the month of September and try and find the best burger in the city. Next month, I am going to have to cut red meat out of my diet. Too much red meat can be bad for your health, it leads to an increase in iron in your body and can lead to heart disease, diabetes, or colonic cancer. All this for a blog, I guess this blog might be short lived.

Ok, I was coming back from Richmond and I decided to stop off at Red Onion burger. They claim to have a nice lean burger and they are right. The lean meat tasted good but the burger as a whole was only ok. However, the fried onions are a nice touch. I would say it tasted like a White Spot burger with out the triple ooo sauce. Now, who wants a White Spot burger without triple ooo sauce? No one. The fries were ok, I got a good batch of small crunchy ones that I liked, but some were hard in the middle. All that said, I think I figured out where this place sits on my ranking. At the end of the month you can see the results of my burger challenge, if I am still alive.

The Red Onion
2028 West 41st Ave
On 41st near East Blvd.

I hear if you eat at inside Red Onion, the pops are bottomless just like Red Robins my hangout when I was 16.

Red Onion on Urbanspoon


This place has some of the best Vietnamese Sandwiches/Subs in the city, the bread is fresh and tastes soo good. It really makes the sandwich. Try the chicken, if you have a chance ($3.50).

Ordered a chicken sandwich and a bowl of chicken with noodles soup. The sandwiches are not loaded with ingredients but they taste fantastic mainly due to the freshness of the bread. The bowl of soup was tasty containing a quarter chicken in the soup but the broth or the flavour of the chicken didn't blow my mind. The reviews on Dinehere.ca are quite variable, the reason is you have to go for the sandwiches, the other dishes are average but the sandwiches are what people are raving about.

There had to be some MSG in the soup cause I left shaking a little and really craving a glass of coke.

Note -Be careful when going in the winter because I remember that place not having heat. Also, when going late in the day be careful because they run out of bread usually right after lunch so sandwiches are not available.

Au Petit Cafe.
4851 Main Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-873-3328

Au Petite Cafe on Urbanspoon


The burger hunt continues... After hearing much talk about Save On Meats and after Bourdain took a visit there, I quickly had to sweet talk a friend into joining me for a burger. Bourdain didn't really describe the taste burger so I wanted to try it out and review it.

We walked into East Vancouver hungry but after walking the atmosphere of East Hastings we slowly became less hungry. I used to volunteer on Columbia and Hastings , so the site wasn't new to me but it is still not very comforting. This area at night reminds me of playing the video game Resident Evil.

We sat down at the counter in Save On Meats and there were two other people eating burgers there. The service was friendly and very attentive. We opened the menu and ordered, I had the burger with cheese, bacon and mushrooms ($6.50), and my partner had the buffalo/bison burger ($7.00). It took about five minutes for our burgers to be ready.

The burgers were made from ground beef, not frozen patties and the fries were fresh cut . The fries were great, fresh cut with potato skin on the sides, and none were hard in the middle. We ordered a side of gravy which was also tasty, thick with a peppercorn taste to it, really enjoyable.

The burgers were a little greasy but really good. The crazy thing is that you get double patties, so two burger patties between your toasted bun. I recommend the buffalo burger because it was a leaner meat and had a better taste. Both burgers are really solid, a bit greasy but sits high on the burger rankings in this city. They could use a little more lettuce but the mustard and the onions really add a nice taste to the burger. The atmosphere in Save On Meats is tolerable but the walk outside can be difficult for someone who is not used to East Van.

Save on Meats
43 West Hastings St, Vancouver
Tel: 604-683-7761

It is not just a cheap burger it is a dam good burger. As for greasy burgers go, it ranks at the top, I would say better than Veras.

More after the jump.

Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley

Save on Meats Coffee Shop on Urbanspoon


Ok, I am not a fan of chains like Cactus Club, Milestones and Earls but again I found myself in Cactus Club (they got great washrooms and they don't store weird things in there like some Chinese restaurants - saw VCRs in one the other day). Since Rob Feenie added some things to the menu I am a lot more inclined to stop by for some grub. This time, the Rocket Salad. Mixed greens (arugula), tomatoes, cucumber with a light citrus dressing served on top of a panko and Parmesan breaded chicken for 14.75. The salad is great, the taste of fresh and clean greens on top of crunchy meat is a fantastic combo but the value is horrible. I hate it more that after I order a drink I end up spending 20 dollars with tip to eat at one of these spots.

Cactus Club
Various locations

The salad should be about 10 bucks but it's 15. Maybe it is the cheap asian in me talking.

Elton John - Rocket Man


The title of this post is very misleading because the chicken was not hot, but I like the band Hot Hot Heat so I thought I would use this title. Peaceful Noodle is a regular spot of mine. I place it higher than Sha Lin Noodle and LegendaryNoodle. This time we ordered the potato roll (potato roll is great but I love their beef roll), spicy cucumbers, the thousand chili chicken, tofu and vegetables and a noodle dish (forgot the name) and a couple bowls of rice.

This was a good order, the spicy cucumbers come quick and work great to get your appetite going, the thousand chili chicken was soo tasty but surprisingly it was not hot at all, the potato roll is a tasty and a great filler, the tofu dish and the noodle dish were standard in taste, not amazing but good.
The menu is huge at Peaceful, and I love their beef roll (shown on previous visit), spicy cucumbers, and now the thousand chili chicken sits among my favorite items. I recommend visiting this place if you are craving Chinese food in the Vancouver area.

Peaceful Noodle
532 West Broadway, Vancouver
Just West of Cambie.

Hot Hot Heat - Let Me In


Went to Lin for a late dinner and I had the Deluxe Tan Tan Noodle Soup for $6.29. This is the first time I had Tan Tan mein and I found it was a good soup and had a little kick to it. The soup was good, it had a nice spicy taste to it and was accessorized with some ground pork on the top. The spicy noodles made my glasses fog up which brings up a pet peeve of mine. HIPSTERS WEARING GLASSES WITHOUT LENSES!!!!!!! Sure, when you get into steamy clubs or eat hot food your glasses don't steam up but come on you get no eye protection, no correction to your vision, and you are just straight fronting. Get some plastic lenses at least. People at jams ask me if my glasses are real, and I am like come on I'm Asian, 80% of us need glasses and 40% of us are nerds.

I would post this pic of this hipster from the Livestock party rocking blue glasses without lenses but I am a little afraid he might rip off his 80s tank top, try track me down on his fixed gear bike, and try kicking me in his tight jeans.

For those who know me, I am like a bizzaro hipster, I got real lenses in my specs, a road bike and a car and I can kick in my tight jeans. I guess that doesn't sound that opposite.

I could have used an appetizer such as a green onion pan cake but I cheaped out because I have been spending a lot on food. All in all, the soup was good but I think I rather have a ramen, or udon or wonton mein with meat or won ton. I ll be back to try some more items at Lin.

Lin Chinese Cuisine and Tea House
1537 West Broadway

Note Lin got mentioned in VanMags 101 Things To Taste Before You Die
Item 58. Lin - Xiaolongbao


Here is another meal to add to cheap eats. The Chili Pepper House has great lunch deals for $5.88 which includes a bowl of rice, the main dish and a pop. The dishes aren't massive but makes for a good size for lunch. You don't want itis when you go back to work. If you are like me that pop holds really high value, I need a pop with my Chinese food.

Chili Pepper House is like Green Lettuce and serves Chinese Indian food. I wouldn't say it tastes too different but there can be some different items on the menu. This time we ordered the black bean fish and the chicken chow mein. The meal was solid, not amazing but not bad. Definitely worth the price for lunch.

Chili Pepper House
3003 Kingsway.

Basically worth a visit if you are in the area and are looking for a cheap lunch.
Chili Pepper House on Urbanspoon


One more burger spot down. Went to Cactus Club or as some people call it cock tease club to try the Feenies Burger. Its not a cheap burger thats for sure. 14 dollars gets you a burger with the fixins including tomato, lettuce, pickle, Cheddar, mushrooms, bacon, red pepper and a side of fries.

The burger is tasty, the meat has a great flavour to it and all the fixins make for a nice handful of fun. I rather order my toppings "a la carte" but I would have ordered two of those toppings anyways. None of the toppings really stood out on their own but the burger was a tasty eat. As far as rankings, I still feel Moderne has the best. Still a few more to try. I am going to have to start biking to these places so I don't get fat.

Cactus Club
Various locations

Cactus Club Cafe on Urbanspoon


There are very few things that cause you to have pain while eating. Someone kicking you in the balls while at the table (never happens), some bad food that makes you sick real quick or eating toasted focaccia bread that cuts the roof of your mouth. I should have known, toasting focaccia bread is like sharpening a knife. The roof of my mouth is still missing some skin.

Went for a sandwich at the Euro Deli because I was tricked. I thought this was the still the Vancouver location of La Charcuterie but I found out it is not. Oh well the sandwich was pretty good, and a nice assortment of meat. I am not going to intentionally make my way out here to eat but it is not a bad alternative if you are in the area.

My biggest issue is that my gums are still cut up and everything I eat hurts.

Euro Deli
180 - 3665 Kingsway, Vancouver


I m going tomorrow to try that soon. For those who dont know who Bordain is, check this.

Click to see my review of Cioppinos and Japadog


Ok, first off the name. White Spot claims their name refers to everything being clean or "white". But come on, a name like White Spot in 1928 would definitely have different connotations associated with it. Anyways, I am not going to go into this to much but really if the Japanese who fought in the first world war were interned during the second war, having a name like White Spot might mean the people who sat on the back of the bus wouldn't be welcomed inside. I should ask my folks about this.

Anyways, their burgers are rad! Consistent, and delicious, something about that triple O sauce which I understand got there name for the amount of OOOZE, three Os for lots of OOOZE. I ordered the Monty Mushroom burger, with the fries. I must say for the price ($9.49 or if you get it to go it comes with a drink) its a good meal, sometimes the downtown one has the burger with a pale ale for like ten dollars or you get some movie tickets. Right now, I think Modern might be the best but you can't go wrong with White Spot. Make sure when you order it you specify lettuce and tomato to be added because it normally doesn't come with it.

Most of you have tried this burger so hopefully this blog post will bring back some memories. For those of you who have not had a White Spot burger go and get one. What else do people get at White Spot, put your comments in. The Calamari Cesar salad is dope and I want them to bring back the strawberry shortcake.

White Spot
Various locations

PS this burger thing is making me fat and feel so full. I think it might have to end. I feel like that guy from Super Size Me.

White Spot on Urbanspoon


I have passed by this place many times with the walls covered and then wtih signs saying opening soon. Yesterday, I noticed it was open and decided to stop in.

It was the second day of being open and the atmosphere is quite nice. Looks like a couple of trees were cut down to do the interior but I like the Wood look and feel. The washrooms could use a little bit more of an upgrade.

We walked in and were immediately seated, there were about four other groups in the restaurant already and over 10 Japanese people on staff.

There were two types of tonkotsu ramen on the menu, priced at 6.75 and 7.00. We all added an egg for an extra 75 cents (highly recommend). There were a few other items on the menu such as cha siu rice dish, fried gyoza, rice balls and a few other things I can't recall.

The broth tasted good, I wouldn't say incredible but it was on par with Benkei and Kintaro. The noodles are the thinner type, and the soup is filled with bamboo shoots, some pickled ginger, green onions and 2-3 pieces of fatty pork. There did not appear to be an option to add corn, or more bamboo shoots or butter but maybe you could ask. But we all know what happens when you ask for things that are not on the menu at Japanese restaurants, it causes utter confusion. All in all the soup was good, gyoza ($4.95) was nice and crispy. The meal did not stand out in my ramen experiences but did not rank any higher or lower than the few other ramen spots in this city, could use a few more pieces of pork in the soup though.

Service was good, but they did get a little confused with us paying 13 dollar each on debit. It took three of them 10 minutes with a calculator and a pad and pen to find out they just got a 10 dollar tip.

Menya Noodle
401 West Broadway, Vancouver
Corner of Yukon and Broadway.
I would rate this place at an 8. It is on par with Kintaro and Benkei. I will return as the price is fair. Make sure you get the egg.

Menya Japanese Noodle on Urbanspoon


I was a big fan of Feenies when Rob was there. I loved the burger and the calamari sandwich, what I didn't love was how that burger kept going up in price everytime I went back there.

Took a trip out of convience to Cactus Club and had the Calamari sandwich which is an import to the Cactus Club menu by Rob Feenie. Not sure what happened but it just wasn't the same as Feenies. Not sure if it was the bread, or that extra curry/cumin taste to it but this sandwich didn't stack up to its predesessor. Also, the fries at Feenies were off the hook, he should bring those joints to the Cactus Club Menu.

Anyone try "the burger" at Cactus Club yet? Any good?

The one interesting thing about Cactus Club is that they are consistent with their hot girl line up. I know guys who ask for female servers when they go there and they get a male server. I can see where they are coming from but really?

Cactus Club
Location - follow the girls in the black dresses, and the cheesy guys in the Ed Hardy gear. Its not a Hooters, but it serves the same purpose, I guess the food
is better and it feels more acceptable to go with a girl or tell a girl thats where you ate.

Cactus Club Cafe on Urbanspoon


Burger stop #2. Went to Modern Burger to try it again, my first time after the re opening. They were closed for so long I forgot how good their burger was. This burger was really tasty, the meat was really flavourful, and the bun was done just perfectly. I added mushrooms and swiss to my burger (extra 1.25 per topping), I passed on the milkshakes but I had a sip of my buddies and boy are they good.

I was with two other gentlemen, and two of us ordered the burger and one of us ordered the buger platter (burger and fries) and we still had fries left over. Fries are tasty, just wish we could order gravy. This meal even with the split fries is a serious feast, I pretty much passed out in the car after.

Atmosphere is excellent, looks like a old diner with the owner looking like a cross from Nat from the Peach Pit in 90210 and Frankie Avalon from movies like Beach Blanket Bingo. All kidding aside the owners are super nice and real chatty although someone forgot our dipping sauce. Service could have been a little better but they were short one staff member so I could be an isolated incident.

One thing to note, this is not a date spot. I ended up with one small stain on my pants from the falling mushrooms, 8 dirty napkins used to wipe the sauce off my fingers and face throughout the meal, and I was so full that I would not want to do anything on a date but nap.

Taste wise, this is going to be a hard one to beat.

Moderne Burger
2507 West Broadway St., Vancouver

Still walked out of the place paying 16 bucks for my burger, a coke and my share of the fries. Not sure if the pop was bottomless.

Moderne Burger on Urbanspoon



These guys are famous now!! In the 30 minutes I was there, I think I saw over 35 customers. There is no way any other hot dog stand in Vancouver can say that. I think much of the new found success is because of Japadog’s visit from Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations.

I used to go here years ago, and you could see the whole family working the stand, the husband was behind the grill, the wife on the drinks and cash and the little baby was strapped to mommy. Now they have employees, nuff respect to the family. They used to have franchise opportunities on their website but this information is no longer posted. They still have a picture of Ice Cub on the side of the stand. Love that photo.

For street meat, this dog is the best. The top photo is the teri mayo and the second is the oroshi. Both are really tasty and I would say they are the best hot dogs in the downtown core. The cupe mayo and nori add a nice sweet taste to the hot dog.

If you are downtown and you have a hankering for a hot dog go to Japadog, it is a small hot dog stand located in front of the Sutton Place. I also love the Ikea 50 cent hot dogs, so cheap, so good and reminds you of hot dog day.


In front of the Sutton Place hotel, (Smithe and Burrard) and a second location on Burrard and Pender.

Note: Friends of mine have started Asia Dog Night in NYC (Japanese curry on the dogs, bah mi dogs, kim chi dogs, chinese bbq pork on the dog (amazing) bul go gi burgers), I am going to have an Asia dog party at my house soon.


Japadog on Urbanspoon


So if you click on the icon for "Vancouver Slop's Best Eats of the City" then you will see that I am trying to find the best burger in the city this month. These challenges may change if my double chin comes back and my face gets round. I ll try the PX 90 to offset this.

So this place has been rated as one of the best burgers in the lower mainland by CTV viewers, I have yet to see that published anywhere but the Burger-etc site but I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

I ordered the burger added mozza cheese and bacon. The burger was good but far from amazing. The bun was tasty, meat was good (ordered medium well), and the vegetables were tasty, the bacon was a little over cooked and dry but added a nice taste to the overall package. Fries were satisfactory, but not much to write about so I won't.

Since this is a battle, all in all, it was a good burger but I do not think it will stack up highly against the competition. Numerical rating about 7.5 out of 10. Price 9.95 plus a dollar for the cheese and another dollar for the bacon.

Burgers Etc
4091 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC

Burgers Etc. BBQ House on Urbanspoon


Went to Guu on Thurlow for their lunch.

I am a creature of habit, for the Guu lunch I would usually order either the Katsu Curry or the Grilled Saba, and maybe if I am hung over I will get something deep fried. I decided to explore the Guu menu, and try something new. This time I opted for the Japanese Special, Cod belly but to my disappointment they were sold out, so I went with a buddy's recommendation, I tried the Doria for the first time.

So what is Doria? I didn't know, I have seen it before, it looks like a rice gratin with corn. So what does it taste like? RICH. Rice with bits of corn and tons of cheese on top. It was ok but not worth ordering, next time I will stick with the deep fried things or the katsu curry. My lactose in tolerant asian ass did not do well with this dish.

Guu lunch is guud but stick with the saba, deep fried things or the katsu curry (show here). A small salad comes with the meal and it tastes great (also shown here). I figured out how to make the salad dressing, hit me up if you are interested.

Guu Original
838 Thurlow St, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 685-8817

Guu on Urbanspoon