Here is another meal to add to cheap eats. The Chili Pepper House has great lunch deals for $5.88 which includes a bowl of rice, the main dish and a pop. The dishes aren't massive but makes for a good size for lunch. You don't want itis when you go back to work. If you are like me that pop holds really high value, I need a pop with my Chinese food.

Chili Pepper House is like Green Lettuce and serves Chinese Indian food. I wouldn't say it tastes too different but there can be some different items on the menu. This time we ordered the black bean fish and the chicken chow mein. The meal was solid, not amazing but not bad. Definitely worth the price for lunch.

Chili Pepper House
3003 Kingsway.

Basically worth a visit if you are in the area and are looking for a cheap lunch.
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