This place has some of the best Vietnamese Sandwiches/Subs in the city, the bread is fresh and tastes soo good. It really makes the sandwich. Try the chicken, if you have a chance ($3.50).

Ordered a chicken sandwich and a bowl of chicken with noodles soup. The sandwiches are not loaded with ingredients but they taste fantastic mainly due to the freshness of the bread. The bowl of soup was tasty containing a quarter chicken in the soup but the broth or the flavour of the chicken didn't blow my mind. The reviews on Dinehere.ca are quite variable, the reason is you have to go for the sandwiches, the other dishes are average but the sandwiches are what people are raving about.

There had to be some MSG in the soup cause I left shaking a little and really craving a glass of coke.

Note -Be careful when going in the winter because I remember that place not having heat. Also, when going late in the day be careful because they run out of bread usually right after lunch so sandwiches are not available.

Au Petit Cafe.
4851 Main Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-873-3328

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