This is my favorite drink for the summer. I call it the Ikea drink because you have to put it together yourself, but it is part of the fun. You can get it at Guu with Garlic and at Shiru Bay in Yaletown.

I believe the name of the drink is Nama Shibori Wari. You get a glass of a vodka, and you get your choice of two halves of fruits, I usually ask for a half of grapefruit and a half orange. They often get confused and just give you two halves of the same fruit. We all know how easy it is to confuse Japaneses servers. Some of the smartest people out there but you don't want them to think outside of the box when their position doesn't call for it. You then have to spend 3 mins juicing your drinks while everyone besides you are cheersing but once you have done that you have the most refreshing beverage out there. Soo refreshing and I love having lots of pulp in my drink.

It costs somewhere around 5 bucks and you can add soda for 50 cents more.

Guu with Garlic.
1698 Robson Street, Vancouver
near Robson and Bidwell.