The title of this post is very misleading because the chicken was not hot, but I like the band Hot Hot Heat so I thought I would use this title. Peaceful Noodle is a regular spot of mine. I place it higher than Sha Lin Noodle and LegendaryNoodle. This time we ordered the potato roll (potato roll is great but I love their beef roll), spicy cucumbers, the thousand chili chicken, tofu and vegetables and a noodle dish (forgot the name) and a couple bowls of rice.

This was a good order, the spicy cucumbers come quick and work great to get your appetite going, the thousand chili chicken was soo tasty but surprisingly it was not hot at all, the potato roll is a tasty and a great filler, the tofu dish and the noodle dish were standard in taste, not amazing but good.
The menu is huge at Peaceful, and I love their beef roll (shown on previous visit), spicy cucumbers, and now the thousand chili chicken sits among my favorite items. I recommend visiting this place if you are craving Chinese food in the Vancouver area.

Peaceful Noodle
532 West Broadway, Vancouver
Just West of Cambie.

Hot Hot Heat - Let Me In