Ok, I am not a fan of chains like Cactus Club, Milestones and Earls but again I found myself in Cactus Club (they got great washrooms and they don't store weird things in there like some Chinese restaurants - saw VCRs in one the other day). Since Rob Feenie added some things to the menu I am a lot more inclined to stop by for some grub. This time, the Rocket Salad. Mixed greens (arugula), tomatoes, cucumber with a light citrus dressing served on top of a panko and Parmesan breaded chicken for 14.75. The salad is great, the taste of fresh and clean greens on top of crunchy meat is a fantastic combo but the value is horrible. I hate it more that after I order a drink I end up spending 20 dollars with tip to eat at one of these spots.

Cactus Club
Various locations

The salad should be about 10 bucks but it's 15. Maybe it is the cheap asian in me talking.

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