If you haven't gone yet, do it.

First off, going to the place is a like a little adventure. Walking into the hotel feels a little weird. You may ask your friend where are we and what year are we in? The interior of the restaurant is just as strange, it was best described to be as what a bad Polish wedding would look like. The picture below best describes it, brick walls, circle, fish eye windows, and mirrored pillars. If you are there on a sunny day, you can walk to the back patio and see the pool, fountain and the mini golf course (Yes, mini golf, no need to go to Playland for Mini Golf anymore). The hotel reminds me of the place that they filmed the movie Cocoon in.

I have already stressed this but the Japanese Food is great. Check the daily specials if there is anything that strikes your fancy because some of the best items there are off that menu. I'll will keep this short and to the point. Take one of your friends and have a great food experience and an interesting atmosphere experience. It is really off the hook.

1125 West 12th Ave, Vancouver
Close to Oak St and 12th Ave

For the hip kids, take them here instead of Pings, its a better deal and a real crazy experience. You read about the fountains and the mini golf right!
Not a first date spot.
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Keri said... @ September 27, 2008 at 4:21 PM

I'm totally going to check it out this week. You guys keep going on and on about it!

Gyromite said... @ September 27, 2008 at 8:42 PM

It is worth a visit.

I eat out daily, pretty much everyday. So many times I go and eat at the same spot because they have food I crave or I appreciate the value.

Thanks for stopping by.

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