One readers comment to my last post made me want to write this.

As an environmental biologists I try to align myself with companies that have similar interests in the environment. I like purchasing products from companies that are trying to be carbon neutral, support the local economy and give back to the community.

When I picked my bank, I specifically choose Vancity because of their proactive public environmental policy. However, I will admit on my small scale purchasing and eating for that matter I am not the most conscious consumer. Today, I asked myself how much research do I do before I pick my restaurant? Do I know where they get there meat from, what slaughterhouse did they use, are their practices humane? Are they using local ingredients or do they just claim to? Is it certified organic? Are there employees treated fairly? All of this information is very hard information to validate or find out and I will admit that I do not check my "facts" before I go into a restaurant.

As a person who eats out everyday, my budget sometimes picks my restaurant for me. I can generally tell from the cleanliness and organization of a restaurant on how good their sanitation levels are. Obviously, I do not want rat droppings, or cockroaches in my food and I do not want my chicken sitting out in room temperature for long periods of time. I know we do not have enough restaurant inspectors to have thorough frequent inspections on all restaurants and perhaps I place too much faith in our municipal inspectors and expect that all bad or unsafe restaurants would be closed down. Looking at the municipal website many restaurants that I have been to have had over 5 non compliance items listed (Subeez, Rugby, Congee Noodle House, Toshis, Cactus Club, Guu and I am sure there are lots more).

This post is an admittance that I do eat at some establishments that may not be the cleanest and that the restaurants that I choose to dine at may not have the same values that I have towards the environment, economy and human capital (Triple Bottom Line). I just don't have the time to do all that research and I like to try different restaurants.

Thanks for your comments.