Everyone's got their own idea of what Comfort Food is to them. for me they're dishes that mom used to make for me growing up. in my case it's mostly home style Japanese food. as we roll into Autumn and the weather starts to get a little wet and cold, i start to want my comfort foods. with my mom living in the East, i look to spots like Tenhachi on 12th to get my fix. try their Sukiyaki Teishoku (with Tofu and Pork or Beef). the teishoku comes with their tasty miso soup, some side dishes and a bowl of rice. ahhhhh the comforts of food in this.....strange place with wacky decor. oh well, taste over atmosphere.

On another note, Tenhachi is connected to "TAMA" Organic Life which is a little organic food store in North Vancouver. a little grocery store that caters to the organic food and japanese foods customer. they have their own lunch specials eery Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays for $5. try it out.

let us know where you find your Comfort Foods in Vancouver!

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Anonymous said... @ October 13, 2008 at 6:19 PM

I love Peaceful Restaurant's cat ear soup (chinese gnocchi) with pork. The broth is perfect for autumn nights, the noodles filling, pork is tasty and cabbage crisp. All good!

O-toro said... @ October 14, 2008 at 1:06 PM

yeah the Cat Ear in soup is great!
i was told by one of the server that they get the texture by pressing it against a strainer when making the gnocchi like noodle. thanks dropping in!

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