I decided to get a bite to eat with a few friends. We were going to end up in a club in Gastown so we decided to start our eating and drinking escapades early.

Started off in the Revel Room. This is a relatively new spot to Gastown, the atmosphere is great and the restaurant bar seemed to draw an older business crowd. The place is decorated with some Edison bulbs and a row of Stay Puff Marshmellow men, looks great. The place was packed, the three of us had to wait about 20 mins at the bar before we could sit somewhere.

We first ordered the wings for 11 bucks which were really bland, and maybe 10 in number not worth ordering at all. Then we ordered the mini burgers for 11 bucks, the meat in the mini burgers had a great taste, and the bun completemented nicely. For 11 bucks we got two mini burgers, I thought the value could have been better but I was happy with the taste.

The mini burgers are great but I am not sure what else is good on the menu. Overall after my two visits I find that it is a little overpriced for the value. No plans on returning unless it is just for drinks.

Revel Room
238 Abbott Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Phone: 604-687-4088

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