One reason why I love Richmond is because of all the Hong Kong restaurants, unfortunately in Vancouver there are only a few HK style restaurants near the downtown core. HK cafes are great, the atmosphere is nice, the value is incredible, the servers wear some kind of cute uniforms and they have good late night deals on food. You could make an uninteresting book or blog with all the different uniforms that are in HK cafes.

My filipino buddy and I walked in and were quickly greeted in Chinese. Our confused look and response of "for two" wasn't enough for them to stop speaking Cantonese and they quickly said some more words in Cantonese but we followed their arm directions.

My regular order at these restaurants is the baked pork chop on rice. It is a pork chop or two, on a bed of rice, baked with tomato sauce, cheese, egg, onions and other vegetables. At Copa it was $9.75 but some places you even get soup and a drink for that price.

At this place the pork chop tasted bad, it was spongy and tasted processed. It was a real low quality piece of meat. The overall flavor was ok but the taste of the cheap pork permeated through the hot tomato sauce and cheese and just left me unhappy.

I was told by friends that some of the other dishes are ok, but I won't be back to order the baked pork chop on rice again that is for sure. I am pretty sure I won't be back unless someone tells me what to order.

Copa Cafe
Cambie and King Ed.
Vancouver, BC


Anonymous said... @ October 20, 2008 at 11:54 AM

HK style cafes are the best.
great food for a great price.

I've never been to copa before, but $9.95 for baked pork chop on rice with no drink seems a little pricey.

There are tons in richmond, but here's the ones i frequent the most:

Kam Do
1140-8391 Alexandra Road, Richmond
Tel: (604) 231-9216

Alleluia Cafe
8131 Westminster Hwy (Unit #188), Richmond, BC

Kingspark Steak House Restaurant
8291 Westminster Highway
Across Richmond Public Market

Anonymous said... @ July 6, 2009 at 10:55 PM

Really strange, but either you guys went on a bad day or you guys just don't like their take on these dishes. My family and I have always enjoyed our dining experience here.

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