I think this is my favorite bar in Vancouver. The Alibi Room has reasonable prices, a great atmosphere, a strong list of drinks, conveniently located on the fringe of Gastown and is large enough that it can host a good number of people.

The reason why I like the Alibi Room so much is because it is very social, you can get up and walk around and talk to other people and even dance if you are in the mood. There are too many bars in this city where you feel chained to your seat. On the weekend, people can be found sitting at their table, at the bar or just standing around downstairs conversing in a group. At late hours, downstairs you will find a DJ, some more seating and another bar. The major issue with the Alibi Room is that it closes at 1:00am, by the time you are getting a little tipsy and feeling good you have to go and find another bar or club to hit up.

From the times I have eaten here, I have not been happy. Today, the fries were a good snack but the two halibut cakes for $11 were a pretty poor value.

Alibi Room
157 Alexander Street (Alexander and Main)

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Yes said... @ October 27, 2008 at 3:22 PM

I have to say that I really like the Alibi room. I like your reasonings as well. Eat if you want, stand if you want, dance if you want, go downstairs and chill out if you want. There should be more set ups like this in Vancouver. The key is mellow. So many places are too scene-y. But then again what do I know, I don't live in the city anymore.

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