I have a friend who is really on a healthy kick and wanted to take me for lunch. He decided on Fuel because of the amount of attention that they place on what ingredients to use.

I ordered the beet salad for an appetizer and my friend had some soup. I would tell you which one he ordered but the Fuel website is impossible to navigate, it is more frustrating than our server who kept interrupting our conversation and asking how our food was when our mouths were full. The salad was really good and the soup was really salty. One too many OXO cubes yo!!

For the main we both ordered the organic chicken for 22 dollars. The presentation was great, and the server explained it was a chicken thigh wrapped around a breast. The food tasted fresh and clean but lacked a bit of flavour. There was also some strange thing on the side that tasted like a hot dog.

Some people are going to say I am an idiot but keep in mind food is subjective and I have enjoyed dinner at most of the high end restaurants in this city and I know what is good and what is great. The head chef was there but he was not behind the kitchen, maybe things are a lot better when his hands have worked on your food.

Overall, the food is good but not worth the money, I have a number of spots where I would rather dine if I was buying a 25 dollar meal.

Fuel Restaurant
1944 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

Fuel on Urbanspoon


A friend of mine came down from Whistler for the day to work on a photo shoot together. After the work was done he wanted to go for some Vietnamese sandwiches. We decided on Duffin's Donuts on 41st and Knight since we had stuff to pick up at Lee Valley afterward. My friend got the Mixed Ham Viet Sandy and i went for the Chicken Viet Sandy. The subs were $3.95 each. There are cheaper Vietnamese Sandwiches in town but 4 bucks ain't too bad either. Even though the subs were tasty we were both complaining that the subs weren't hot/spicy enough. But when we got to the 2nd half, we hit the hot pepper jack pot! I guess the spicy bits on both of our subs were stashed over on one side.

It's an easy in and out, fast serving, lunch spot that's easy on the wallet. They've got lots of donuts, many other sandwiches, fried chicken, bubble tea, mexican tortas..... They've also got a Chinese Food section to one side as well. The servings looked enormous but our stomachs were craving Viet Subs! Oh yeah, their tapioca puddings are good!

Duffin's Donuts
1391 E 41st Ave

Duffin's Donuts on Urbanspoon



Out of the blue, a friend shows up with a special delivery of his mom's signature roti. On my previous visits back to Toronto, i have had the pleasure of visiting my friend's house for home cooked meals. And his mom makes the best roti! With the lack of any good west indian food out here in Vancouver(*other than Rihanna's in Port Moody), he gets his mom to send out these very special deliveries once in a while. This time i was one of the lucky beneficiaries of her home made roti. Now i had to go find some good curry to go with them. So i decided to go to Rangoli in South Granville and pick up one of their "boil-a-bag" curries. Turned out to be a great East Indian meets West Indian meal. Both the curry and the roti were amazing!! Special thanks to Sean & his mom!

1488 W 11th Ave

Rangoli on Urbanspoon



Ok, my last post was both repetitive and boring. This was one of the worries I had when I first decided to blog my meals. It is so easy to become repetitive with your reviews which then makes you lose the desire to blog. I don't want this to become a chore so I decided to add a new feature to Vancouverslop.

Since dining out is a very social activity and since I am surrounded by people who like to eat, I am going to add guest bloggers to Vancouverslop. There is some specific criteria.

I must be present at the meal.
I will filter their writing to make sure they are not giving praise to meals that do not deserve their kind words.

This should give me a break in writing and hopefully inspire me to write some funny things.


I love sushi!! It is healthy, tastes great and reasonable in price. Shiro is a small spot located on Cambie and the sushi is fresh and tasty. You still can't beat Ajisai though.

I will admit I am a purist, I don't need fancy rolls infested with cream cheese, or peanut butter or chicken skin. If you want that stuff you can go to Kadoya or The Eatery.

One of the best things here is the Gyoza, one piece of prawn in each little dumpling. Dam good to, can't be no geek off the street!! The salmon sashimi, real crab meat California roll, and the dynamite roll were all real tasty. We ordered these items because I was dining with a Japanese friend and she wanted items that she could not get in Japan.

We also ordered this soft shell crab roll which was a mistake. I knew it would be a mistake since soft shell crab is an east coast thing but my Japanese friend really wanted anything she could not get in Japan. The strange part was the roll tasted bad but also sweet, like candy. Why it had the candy taste I have no idea.

All in all, Shiro is a great little small spot that has excellent gyoza and fresh sushi.

3096 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC


Shiro on Urbanspoon


We have posted Ajisai a few times on this food blog, but this is because there's none better when it comes to fresh sushi. Along with the freshest fish in town, i believe they delivery the most "bang for the buck" in the sushi/sashimi category in Vancouver.

Firstly, for great sushi you need the fresh fish. Ajisai has an inside track to get the freshest of fish delivered straight from Japan to their door step. The best way to order is off the Chef's Recommended Daily Menu that lists their freshly delivered imports. For example, 99% of all sushi joints in Vancouver's octopus served are frozen. The frozen tentacle creatures are usually boiled then frozen, giving them the reddish color and makes them a tough chew. If you're lucky you'll find "Japanese Tako - Octopus" on the Daily Fresh Menu. Order it! Try it! Trust! These fresh imported octopus have a totally different texture and are truer to the real Japanese sushi experience. Also look for fish like Tsubasu, Shima Aji, Aji, Japanese Mackerel, Kanpachi. These are all fish flown straight from the motherland and are not very often found here at other sushi spots.

After you got the fresh fish locked, great sushi is all in the rice. Sushi rice isn't just about cooking up some rice and throwing a splash of vinegar on there. It's a recipe of the right ingredients and with the right amount, all prepared the right way. preparing sushi rice is not so simple but more like a ritual. And these fellas have it dialed. Like all things Wabi Sabi, it's about balance. Ajisai sushi is the right cut of fish on the right size of rice.

On this particular visit we got a few pieces from the Daily Fresh Menu, Japanese Tako, Japanese Saba, Aji and Tamago. We also tried out a couple pieces of Uni Ika. Interesting new combo and also aesthetically fresh. For rolls we ordered the Toro Taku (my personal favorite), BC roll, and the deadly Triple Salmon roll. We went all out and ordered the Deluxe Chirashi Don which is the best of it's kind. The sushi rice is mixed with Takuwan (pickled radish), Shitake, and ginger. On top of that lay sashimi cut pieces of the chef's recommended assortment of seafood.

We left Ajisai with our stomachs completely satisfied and had us talking about their food for the rest of the day.

2081 42nd Avenue West

Ajisai Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon


Mini Burgers at Morton's Steakhouse

If you haven't heard, if you go to the bar at Morton's Steakhouse for Happy Hour (5pm-7pm Weekdays) they will serve you FREE mini burgers/mini steak sandwiches to accompany your beverage. I needed to try this out, so I planned a trip with some friends.

Morton's Steakhouse has only two locations in Canada and is considered one of the better places in BC to order a steak. I am a nerdy, introverted person at heart and walking into a pretentious restaurant like Mortons hoping to get something for free makes me uneasy. Keep in my mind one of my last meals was at Save On Meats, I felt like a poorly dressed hipster walking into the Louis Vuitton store toting a Salvation Army bag.

We sat at the bar and ordered a Caesar, that was more memorable for its ten dollars price tag then its flavour. Sipping the drink slowly, I kept scanning for any sign of the mini burgers. Then I started to started sniffing discretely in hopes of an aroma of the burgers from the kitchen. After 10 minutes of stirring my drink and sipping slowly there was still no signs of the mini burgers. Did I just buy a ten dollar drink for nothing? I could sense I was going to have to pay for my friends drinks for the bad intel that we acted on.

The bartender looked like Daniel Sedin (Daniel not Henrik ) and he chatted us up for a bit about the restaurant and for some reason also about the Ol' Dirty Bastard from the Wu Tang Clan. The service at the bar was great and they even made us a pineapple infused shot that tasted fantastic (the shot was on the house cause my cheap ass wasn't going to pay for it). Then the bartender said it, "Oh I have some complementary sandwiches coming your way". My face was all smiles.

The sirloin mini burgers arrived. They were not accessorized with any vegetable toppings however they did have an interesting mayonnaise, mustard and radish spread. In our one drink sitting the four of us shared two trays of these bad boys.

Overall, it was a fun experience. The free mini burgers were good and has tempted me to try out their burger special for 20 dollars.

Morton's Steakhouse
750 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC

Morton's - the Steakhouse on Urbanspoon


Stella Tap and Tapas Bar

This was recommended to me buy the good people at Chowhound as place to get a good steak frites for a good price.

The price was cheap, only 14 dollars and it came with fries and salad. I always get excited when I get the deep fried goodness of fries and the healthy crunch of a salad. The steak was ordered rare but it was a little bit overcooked. At first bite the steak was good, but as it sat on my plate it quickly dried up and tasted like those 3.99 steak and egg meals that you would get in Vegas. I don't expect much for 14 bucks but I think I rather just order a different item if I knew it was going to taste like that. I had one bite of the burger and it tasted fantastic, a ton of meat though.

Stella Tap and Tapas Bar
1191 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

Stella's Tap & Tapas Bar on Urbanspoon


Kibune Sushi
Another birthday dinner for me. We were looking for a local option that was inexpensive. My friend said this place was cheap and good so we took a stroll to Kibune for some sushi. We sat down and opened the menu and noticed that things weren't that cheap. It wasn't super expensive but definitely not cheap. Maybe it was cheap for my fashion designer baller friend but to me this place was on the pricier side for sushi but I heard the quality was good so I was happy to stay. Plus I wasn't paying.

We both ordered the same thing, the salmon and tuna bowl for just under 14 dollars and shared a negitoro roll for 5 bucks. The salmon and tuna was served on a small amount of sushi rice and they added in a few pieces of tamago (egg). I was impressed by the amount of salmon and tuna sashimi that we received, I really thought it was going to be a lot less. The sashimi had a nice clean taste, not fishy at all. I still say if you want sushi go to Ajisai but this place is good.

These bowls were a reasonable price but the other rolls and sashimi trays seemed more on the expensive side, although I am not sure how big the trays are.

Kibune Sushi
1508 Yew St
Vancouver , BC
Beside Hapa in Kits

Kibune Sushi on Urbanspoon


I always wanted to do this. I returned to Save On Meats and bought the smallest rib eye I could at the butcher shop in the front (6.70 for a 0.84 pound rib eye steak) and then walked the steak to the back and got the coffee shop to grill it up. Comes with fries and vegetables for five bucks. My eating buddy ordered the buffalo burger, which was reviewed before and is a great deal.

As mentioned before the atmosphere and the people sitting near you can be quite odd but there are some upscale people who eat there as well. The walk there can be the most uneasy part of the experience. Expect people talking loudly to themselves and walking in an odd zig zag manner.

The steak I bought was massive and just barely fit on the plate. I ordered it medium rare but it came rare, maybe because it was soo thick or maybe because they don't know what medium rare is. I decided to tough it out and ate the bloody steak. The steak tasted OK, it could have used some sort of sauce, an old looking bottle of HP was available but I decided to pass. The fries were fresh cut and tasted great. One thing is that they really need to step up their knife game because my knife wouldn't cut butter, I struggled the whole time.

Not sure if it was from drinking the night before or from this steak but I got really sick after my meal. If I go back I think I will just have the burger but I can now cross this off my list of things to do.

Save On Meats
43 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V6B
Save on Meats Coffee Shop on Urbanspoon

Previous post on Save On Meats Burger


Birthday month for me, so I get some free meals both from Dennys and friends. Thanks!!! Since most of my friends are fans of The Vancouver Slop Food blog they are really interested in trying out new spots and blogging. Works out great.

Pied a Terre is a small bistro located on Cambie and 18th that is the creation of Audrey Durbach and Chris Stewart who are the people behind Parkside Restaurant and La Buca. From what I hear, Pied a Terre has been very popular and reservations are highly recommended. The atmosphere there is perfect, a good choice in music and set at a reasonable volume. The staff was very attentive to our needs and possessed a high level of knowledgeable about their menu.

Since I am on the Steak and Frites challenge, ordering off the menu which was written only in French was a no brainer. What is nice is that you get to pick the type of steak that you want. I got caught up in the hype and thought I would try the hanger steak/onglet ($19.50) because I heard from many foodies that it was becoming increasingly popular due to its unique flavour. The onglet steak only comes rare because cooked any longer it becomes to tough and then tastes wack, like how my free birthday meal at Dennys would taste. My cohort made an excellent choice and ordered the rib eye ($26.00). After picking your steak, you must then pick your sauce. Choices include anchovy butter, marchand du vin (red wine reduction), pepper and roquefort (blue cheese flavour) with mustard.

They steaks arrived and they looked great, both were cooked to perfection and we got the sauce on the side. I wasn't a fan of the roquefort as much as I was the others. The anchovy butter tasted well with the onglet and the red wine reduction was fantastic, perfect for the rib eye, fries and the onglet. The onglet (which came cut up already) was tasty but I prefer the rib eye which was fantastic. The portions were good, and the fries tasted great. For dessert I had the Opera cake which was fantastic, not too sweet and just the right amount of richness. Compared to all the other steak and frites places that I have visited, I must say this is one of the best that I have had.

Definitely a must try. Great food, reasonable prices and a fantastic atmosphere.

Pied A Terre
3369 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W6
tel: 604.873.3131
Menu and Website here

Pied-a-Terre on Urbanspoon


Just last week on November 5th at the Westin Bayshores took place the Gold Medal Plates 2008. 700 guests. 12 competing chefs. Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo. lots of wine. yes, we were not there. They forgot to put us on the judges list this year, but maybe next year. Audrey Durbach of Parkside took home the bronze., Hidekazu Tojo of Tojo's the silver, and Frank Pabst of Bluewater took home the gold plate!
here's a link to the event's summary.

congrats to them but i bet my meal at Ajisai that night was waaaay better!


In general, Caribbean food in this city is lacking both in the number of the restaurants, and the flavour of the food. I have a lot of friends from the east that crave good roti, jerk and patties and I have no where to send them except here which is too far for them.

For roti, the undisputed champ in BC is Rehanah's Roti. The problem is that she is located way out in Port Moody. Luckily, I had to take a trip out there to see my doctor and she is located across the street.

Rehanah's Roti is small restaurant with a simple atmosphere as you can tell by the picture. The walls have signed photos from many reggae artists like Buju Banton, Toots and the MayTals and many more.

Formy lunch, I always order the chicken roti for 9 dollars. It is filled with chicken and potatoes and is very filling. The shell tasted really good and it wasn't dry at all (last time I remember it being a little dry). Bottom line, if you have a craving for some Trinidadian food and you are in Port Moody go reach, or if you are really feening for some roti make the trip.

Rehanah's Roti
2518 St. Johns St, Port Moody
(604) 936-1969

The hours are a little weird so call them before you make the journey over there.
Big ups!!


We have been working hard to give Vancouverslop.com a new look. We hope to have it done for next week so stay tuned. I am stoked on how it looks so far and I hope you guys will enjoy it to.


Coco et Olive:

Located at the very end of West Broadway sits this quaint little french style cafe. simple and clean decor invites you to a counter stacked full of small bite size treats in the form of pastries and sweets. tarts, cakes, scones, muffins, brownies, you name it, they got it but displayed so nicely you want to grab one of everything. back behind the counter are rows of ready to be grilled paninis in several assortments. they have daily soups and a very tall list of beverages, hot & cold. they also have fresh bread and a variety of great import food products. this time, we order the Caprese panini (boccaccini, tomatoes, spinach with balsamic syrup) with the Lemon Chicken soup. the sandwich & soup combo was super tasty and presented very nicely along with 2 olives. to sit and enjoy this quiet little spot we ordered some hot drinks, a cappuccino and a mocha latte. could be my favorite mocha in town! so basically, we went back the next day to enjoy another weekend morning there. the service is very friendly and the atmosphere is most relaxing. gonna try all the sweets, so stay tuned for more post on Coco et Olive.

Coco et Olive
3476 West Broadway
Coco Et Olive on Urbanspoon


Shrimp sandwiches are great. This one cut the roof of my mouth and made all my meals for the next two days sting. I kinda wish they cut the crust off like the HK restaurants. Sorry for the weak post, I was tired today.

White Spot
Various Locations

White Spot on Urbanspoon

PS White Spot needs to step up their fries!!! They suck.


Took a trip to Kaplans for a late lunch around 2:00. Most patrons were just leaving so there were a good number of tables available however they decided to sit us down at the worst seat in the house, right by the kitchen. I guess the Jewish are also cheap on the seating that they give out. Kidding!! In their defence it was the only seat available for two people but we could have sat at a four person table, there were lots available and it was already after the lunch rush. We decided to move ourselves anyways.

I ordered the open faced beef brisket sandwich on fries and my buddy got the reuben sandwich (corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and dressing) with latkas. The latkas were OK, and my fries were fresh cut but should have been doubled fried. I believe fresh cut fries should be doubled fried or at least par fried once. The meal was expensive about 13 dollars each but the sandwiches were very filling and tasty. My buddy says this is the best reuben he has had in this city.

Kaplans Deli and Restaurant
5775 Oak Street, Vancouver
There is also a location downtown on Alberni.

Kaplan's Star Deli Restaurant & Bakery on Urbanspoon


Ajisai, is tucked away in Kerrisdale and serves amazing fish, it is my favorite sashimi spot in the city. It is a small spot, so there are times where you may have to wait in line but it is worth it, trust me.

We ordered the Tuna sashimi (11 dollars for 8 pieces) wich tasted absolutely fantastic, amazing texture and taste. For sushi, we ordered the real crab meat california roll (6.50), the house roll which had crab meat, lettuce, avocado, and tuna in it and we had a small natto roll (1.50)as well to try something new.

My Caucasian friend (shown above) has issues with eating sushi with seaweed on the outside so we were limited to inside out rolls. He wanted to try natto and once he put it in his mouth, he cringed and made funny faces as he forced down the food. He did really enjoy the other rolls.

For those of you who don't know Natto is a traditional Japanese food that is made from fermented soybeans. It stinks but is very good for you. My new partner O-Toro on this blog loves it.

Ajisai is a little more expensive then your regular sushi spot but the flavours are insane, well worth it.

Ajisai Sushi Bar
2081 West 42nd Ave, Vancouver
Tel: 604-266-1428
Near London Drugs.

Ajisai Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon


Me & Julio's:

The sister restaurant of Lolita's on Davie street is Me & Julio's on the Drive (Commercial Drive for who are new to Vancouver). Me & Julio's has a dark and ambient interior but is upbeat and lively once you step in the door. Must be the margarita kicking in with the patrons. The service is friendly and the atmosphere is fun. But i found the menu to be really expensive. I've tried the Ceviche on my last visit and found the taste to be alright but the portions weren't enough for me. This time i dropped in for their Julio's Corn Tacos. For $16 you get to choose 2 out of vegi (artichoke, poblano, potato, tomato), pan seared halibut w/ mango salsa, battered prawns w/ pineapple slaw, pulled chicken, carne asada -steak, or ground beef & chorizo. I'm a fish fan, so opted for both halibut. The tacos and fish were pretty tasty. The rice & beans were standard. Ordered a Dos Equis Lager to make the mexi food go down easier. A fun little spot with good atmosphere for the Drive but a bit too pricey for Mexican food. If you're gonna go there, go all out and try the Ribs It comes with mac & cheese for $22.

Me & Julio's
2095 Commercial Drive

Me and Julio on Urbanspoon


I was out of town for part October so I cheated and picked an easy challenge. I sought out to find the best ramen in Vancouver. For most of you, before I even started you had your ranking in your mind.

I find many of the spots taste fairly close to the same and when you add in all your extras the costs are relatively close in price with the exeption of Motomachi which is the most expensive.

Just keep in mind when you are reading this, I was looking for the best ramen in Vancouver not the worst, so it wasn't necessary for me to go to places where I knew the quality and flavour was poor.

Here is October's Monthly Challenge - The Best Ramen In The City.

For November, I think it will be Steak And Frites. Suggestions? But not too many cause I will be broke.


My only crepe experiences are from Cafe Crepe. Now that I have started this blog friends want to have lunch with me and to try out new spots.

For 8 - 10 dollars I don't find a crepe the best deal. Generally, it is too much of just one thing, and it just doesn't look that appealing. However, I must say it got the job done, I walked out full.

This adventure takes us to a placed called Trixie's (quoting David Duchovney in Californiation "that is a terrific name if you are a hooker"). Trixies's is a small crepe/coffee house with a cute interior that serves sweet and savory crepes as well as tea and coffee. We sat down at a small table and tried to figure out a small little puzzle while we waited for our food.

I ordered a small clam chowder which tasted very bland, definitely not worth ordering. For the crepe I ordered a mushroom, ham and cheese and my friend ordered the cordon bleu crepe which was even better than mine. The crepes here were great, if you are a crepe fan I would take a trip to Trixies. However, if you are like me, you don't take many trips for crepes unless they are for dessert.

Trixie’s Crepe and Coffehaus
3306 Cambie St.
Vancouver BC
Cambie and 17th
Trixi's Crepe & Coffeehaus on Urbanspoon


This was a pleasent surprise. I went to the new Canadian Tire on Grandview Hwy to return a part that I did not use for my Halloween costume. It was the grand opening and right when you walk in, there is Tojo-san making sushi for the patrons of Canadian Tire. I made a double take cause I couldn't understand how Tojo-san was making sushi in Canadian Tire. I do not think many people recognized there were a few that did. A very interesting partnership, Canadian Tire and Tojo. My sample of the Northern Light roll was great.

Side note here is a picture of my costume.



For me growing up, my mom used to make me Japanese breakfasts whenever she could. This usually consisted of rice, miso soup and some pickled vegi's or grilled salmon. But my favorite was natto. fermented soybeans and it's really sticky and stinky stuff. But it's high on protein and it's known to be really healthy.  especially for your blood circulation.  Tenhachi has a traditional japanese breakfast menu that they serve only until noon. You have a few options but i almost always end up ordering the Natto Breakfast. The breakfast comes with rice, miso soup, pickles and your choice of meal. Green tea is also included in the $8 price. Though, i have not tried it yet, there is a western breakfast menu as well.

1125 W 12th Ave.
Tenhachi Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon