Kibune Sushi
Another birthday dinner for me. We were looking for a local option that was inexpensive. My friend said this place was cheap and good so we took a stroll to Kibune for some sushi. We sat down and opened the menu and noticed that things weren't that cheap. It wasn't super expensive but definitely not cheap. Maybe it was cheap for my fashion designer baller friend but to me this place was on the pricier side for sushi but I heard the quality was good so I was happy to stay. Plus I wasn't paying.

We both ordered the same thing, the salmon and tuna bowl for just under 14 dollars and shared a negitoro roll for 5 bucks. The salmon and tuna was served on a small amount of sushi rice and they added in a few pieces of tamago (egg). I was impressed by the amount of salmon and tuna sashimi that we received, I really thought it was going to be a lot less. The sashimi had a nice clean taste, not fishy at all. I still say if you want sushi go to Ajisai but this place is good.

These bowls were a reasonable price but the other rolls and sashimi trays seemed more on the expensive side, although I am not sure how big the trays are.

Kibune Sushi
1508 Yew St
Vancouver , BC
Beside Hapa in Kits

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Unknown said... @ November 19, 2008 at 8:22 PM

If you want to try fresh sushi give Sai-Z a whirl, it's on Broadway close to the Hollywood Theater (south side of the street).
We ordered spotted prawn sashimi and the chef pulled a few out from his live well then brilliantly served them up. They have a few other items on the menu that are quit unique and tasty!
Give it a go!!!

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