Me & Julio's:

The sister restaurant of Lolita's on Davie street is Me & Julio's on the Drive (Commercial Drive for who are new to Vancouver). Me & Julio's has a dark and ambient interior but is upbeat and lively once you step in the door. Must be the margarita kicking in with the patrons. The service is friendly and the atmosphere is fun. But i found the menu to be really expensive. I've tried the Ceviche on my last visit and found the taste to be alright but the portions weren't enough for me. This time i dropped in for their Julio's Corn Tacos. For $16 you get to choose 2 out of vegi (artichoke, poblano, potato, tomato), pan seared halibut w/ mango salsa, battered prawns w/ pineapple slaw, pulled chicken, carne asada -steak, or ground beef & chorizo. I'm a fish fan, so opted for both halibut. The tacos and fish were pretty tasty. The rice & beans were standard. Ordered a Dos Equis Lager to make the mexi food go down easier. A fun little spot with good atmosphere for the Drive but a bit too pricey for Mexican food. If you're gonna go there, go all out and try the Ribs It comes with mac & cheese for $22.

Me & Julio's
2095 Commercial Drive

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marjolyn said... @ November 6, 2008 at 2:28 PM

this is like 3 blocks down from where I live and i've always wondered how the food was - for some reason the menu never looked as appetizing as the drink list. awesome

gingerbetty said... @ November 6, 2008 at 2:46 PM

their brunch is a little more affordable with larger portions. they used to serve wicked lox eggs benny's but have since taken them off the menu...:( but i agree...dinner food is tasty but not filling.

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