Out of the blue, a friend shows up with a special delivery of his mom's signature roti. On my previous visits back to Toronto, i have had the pleasure of visiting my friend's house for home cooked meals. And his mom makes the best roti! With the lack of any good west indian food out here in Vancouver(*other than Rihanna's in Port Moody), he gets his mom to send out these very special deliveries once in a while. This time i was one of the lucky beneficiaries of her home made roti. Now i had to go find some good curry to go with them. So i decided to go to Rangoli in South Granville and pick up one of their "boil-a-bag" curries. Turned out to be a great East Indian meets West Indian meal. Both the curry and the roti were amazing!! Special thanks to Sean & his mom!

1488 W 11th Ave

Rangoli on Urbanspoon



Food Lover said... @ November 26, 2008 at 11:50 PM

Ohhh jealous. I wish I could get some great West Indian cuisine around my parts. That's the one saving grace of Toronto for me. Say hi to Sean for me!

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