I have a friend who is really on a healthy kick and wanted to take me for lunch. He decided on Fuel because of the amount of attention that they place on what ingredients to use.

I ordered the beet salad for an appetizer and my friend had some soup. I would tell you which one he ordered but the Fuel website is impossible to navigate, it is more frustrating than our server who kept interrupting our conversation and asking how our food was when our mouths were full. The salad was really good and the soup was really salty. One too many OXO cubes yo!!

For the main we both ordered the organic chicken for 22 dollars. The presentation was great, and the server explained it was a chicken thigh wrapped around a breast. The food tasted fresh and clean but lacked a bit of flavour. There was also some strange thing on the side that tasted like a hot dog.

Some people are going to say I am an idiot but keep in mind food is subjective and I have enjoyed dinner at most of the high end restaurants in this city and I know what is good and what is great. The head chef was there but he was not behind the kitchen, maybe things are a lot better when his hands have worked on your food.

Overall, the food is good but not worth the money, I have a number of spots where I would rather dine if I was buying a 25 dollar meal.

Fuel Restaurant
1944 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

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