I love sushi!! It is healthy, tastes great and reasonable in price. Shiro is a small spot located on Cambie and the sushi is fresh and tasty. You still can't beat Ajisai though.

I will admit I am a purist, I don't need fancy rolls infested with cream cheese, or peanut butter or chicken skin. If you want that stuff you can go to Kadoya or The Eatery.

One of the best things here is the Gyoza, one piece of prawn in each little dumpling. Dam good to, can't be no geek off the street!! The salmon sashimi, real crab meat California roll, and the dynamite roll were all real tasty. We ordered these items because I was dining with a Japanese friend and she wanted items that she could not get in Japan.

We also ordered this soft shell crab roll which was a mistake. I knew it would be a mistake since soft shell crab is an east coast thing but my Japanese friend really wanted anything she could not get in Japan. The strange part was the roll tasted bad but also sweet, like candy. Why it had the candy taste I have no idea.

All in all, Shiro is a great little small spot that has excellent gyoza and fresh sushi.

3096 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC


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