I always wanted to do this. I returned to Save On Meats and bought the smallest rib eye I could at the butcher shop in the front (6.70 for a 0.84 pound rib eye steak) and then walked the steak to the back and got the coffee shop to grill it up. Comes with fries and vegetables for five bucks. My eating buddy ordered the buffalo burger, which was reviewed before and is a great deal.

As mentioned before the atmosphere and the people sitting near you can be quite odd but there are some upscale people who eat there as well. The walk there can be the most uneasy part of the experience. Expect people talking loudly to themselves and walking in an odd zig zag manner.

The steak I bought was massive and just barely fit on the plate. I ordered it medium rare but it came rare, maybe because it was soo thick or maybe because they don't know what medium rare is. I decided to tough it out and ate the bloody steak. The steak tasted OK, it could have used some sort of sauce, an old looking bottle of HP was available but I decided to pass. The fries were fresh cut and tasted great. One thing is that they really need to step up their knife game because my knife wouldn't cut butter, I struggled the whole time.

Not sure if it was from drinking the night before or from this steak but I got really sick after my meal. If I go back I think I will just have the burger but I can now cross this off my list of things to do.

Save On Meats
43 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V6B
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