Stella Tap and Tapas Bar

This was recommended to me buy the good people at Chowhound as place to get a good steak frites for a good price.

The price was cheap, only 14 dollars and it came with fries and salad. I always get excited when I get the deep fried goodness of fries and the healthy crunch of a salad. The steak was ordered rare but it was a little bit overcooked. At first bite the steak was good, but as it sat on my plate it quickly dried up and tasted like those 3.99 steak and egg meals that you would get in Vegas. I don't expect much for 14 bucks but I think I rather just order a different item if I knew it was going to taste like that. I had one bite of the burger and it tasted fantastic, a ton of meat though.

Stella Tap and Tapas Bar
1191 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

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