In Vancouver, there are not a lot of Jamaican/West Indian spots to eat. I used to diss The Reef before because I never really thought the food was that good but this time it changed my mind.

The atmosphere at The Reef is great. It works well with the Main Street crowd and has that feeling like your are in Maragritaville in Jamaica.

I ordered the Jerk chicken and although it was different than what you would get in Jamaica it was still a really tasty meal. Real jerk chicken is cooked on jerk wood about a foot off the ground. More commonly in Jamaica, the jerk is cooked in a drum pan with broken up pieces of jerk wood. Both taste nice. I could have used more rice and peas with my meal. That stuff is cheap, they should hook it up nice.

I know in past sittings the speed of service can be a little slow. Sometimes they are on island time and things can take a minute to show up. This time the restaurant was not busy and the complementary Johnny cakes came quick and so did the food.

I hear the breakfast here is off the hook.
Big ups to The Reef, you changed my mind.

The Reef
4172 Main, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 874-5375
Reef on Urbanspoon

I know no one back yard says booyaka shots anymore but I just thought it looked good in the title.
Matt aka Mr. Chin from Shottas. Going to the Biltmore to check the Reggae night tonight.


Anonymous said... @ December 8, 2008 at 1:12 PM

I've always liked the Reef, but lineups have been a problem for me in the past - hate waiting.

For great African food, something a little different - Simba on Denman. Tight.

Food Lover said... @ December 8, 2008 at 2:05 PM

There used to be this swordfish dish there a few years back and they took it off the menu. That was a bummer. But regardless, the Reef has always been good to me.

Anonymous said... @ December 8, 2008 at 6:43 PM

Not sure if it is coincidence but I blogged about Kiss Yo Mama today! ^_^

Re: Simba on Denman - I went there last year and the food did not wow me. There is one side dish that would have made me return: fried cassava; however, if it wasn't because of the owner... Think soup-Nazi.

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