Missing the last call for food at Guu Gastown we needed close spot to eat at. I decided to walk the group past Boneta and journey over to Cobre. This was my first time going to Cobre and I have not read any reviews online so I had no expectations walking in.

The appearance of the restaurant from outside is fairly nondescript, a lit up sign and a valet marks the entrance. Inside, the restaurant has two levels of seating, accessorized with exposed brick walls, dark hardwood floors and and an ideal amount of lighting for late night drinks and snacks.

One of the things that I hate about blogging is having to be that guy, that says "Wait up guys, I need to take a picture before you can eat, so hands off!". That and it feels cheesy to take pictures of your food.

We ordered a plate of the pulled duck tacos, the free range chicken taquitos, the pan seared sablefish and the scallop in oxtail pozole. The taquitos came with a side of guacamole that really added to the taste of my crunchy friends. The flavour of the duck tacos were fantastic, maybe the highlight of the night. If I remember correctly, the sablefish and the scallop were both cooked to perfection and tasted good but it was such a small piece of a scallop and fish that it could not leave a lasting impression. No fault to the restaurant, they were both just dishes that were really hard to share with six people.

One real cool thing about Cobre is that they will adjust the numbers of the tapas to your table. There were six of us at the table and the server made sure we received six tacos, and six chicken taquitos. Not sure what the additional cost was.

Overall, a great place to go have snacks and drinks. If you need a place in Gastown for tapas that you want to walk out with your belly full go to Guu but if you want to spend a little more and try something different, give Cobre a chance.

Cobre Restaurant
52 Powell Street, Vancouver
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After Cobre we took a trip to the Met to dance with some hipsters. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I don't. I got issues.