This hot pot joint has been in my neighborhood for years but had never tried it out. Along with a good friend we stepped in to give it a try, not knowing if it was any good or how pricey the menu was. The atmosphere of the restaurant was clean, bright, and tables with gas ranges built in. At first glance the menu was pricey but laid out nicely in categories of seafood, meats, vegi's and so on. But when receiving the check at the end of the meal, the damage didn't seem to be too bad for what we ate.

We ordered some Chive Dumplings and Fresh Fish Dumplings off the recommended menu. Also some mushrooms and Lamb Slices for some variety. You also get to choose your hot pot broth and we went with the Cilantro Soup which also came with lots of sui choi, tofu pieces, and a couple century eggs (black preserved eggs). The dumplings came frozen, so don't know what the "Fresh Fish" part was all about. None the less, the dumplings, lamb and mushrooms were great in the broth. You get a few different kinds of sauces to dip your goods in. The food and experience was pretty good all around, except for the Plum Juice they serve you at the end of your meal.

I usually like to end my meal with a bite of something i enjoyed the most, so that i have that taste linger after the meal is done. So everything was going smooth until the server dropped off 2 small glasses of what looked like some dark ice tea. I took one sip and messed up my enjoyment of my last taste. I had to ask what this juice was because i could not even explain it, except that it tasted like an ashtray. So, everything was great but I'm warning you about the Plum Juice.

Landmark Hot Pot House
4023 Cambie St.

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Food Lover said... @ December 5, 2008 at 1:35 PM

My sick self needs some shabu shabu. Is that a shabu spot?

O-toro said... @ December 5, 2008 at 5:39 PM

it's not technically but pretty much a Taiwanese version of shabushabu.
get well

I Love Food Blog said... @ December 8, 2008 at 11:43 PM

I had a great time here last time. I really enjoyed their beef...and strangely their Coconut Ice Cream for dessert.

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