My roughage intake is generally low and always has been. As a kid I would never eat salad, I would even order my McChickens without lettuce. I finally ate my first salad in Grade 12, it was clucks and greens at Red Robins.

A friend and I took a journey to Fortune Garden to go eat duck. Fortune Garden has an fantastic duck special on for 17.99 but you must order one other dish. What a deal!!! You get the duck skin with the wrap and then an order of lettuce wrap, all for 17.99!!! We ordered a crab egg fu yung (14.50) as the third dish.

The service was great and the restaurant appears very clean and tidy. Although, I didn't check out the washroom which is often the true measure of cleanliness for a Chinese restaurant. Both of our dishes of duck were really good. Nothing incredible but on par with every other lettuce wrap and duck skin dish I have had. What really excited me was how many servings I got to have because there were only two of us. Most family dinners I only get to have one serving of this dish. This time I get to have tons.

The egg fu yung was brutal. The crab stank of old fish and the plate simply looked like scrambled eggs. We should have ordered a noodle dish instead.

Bottom line, go have their duck special for dinner while they are still offering it.

Fortune Garden Restaurant
1475 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Broadway and Granville.
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I Love Food Blog said... @ December 6, 2008 at 3:04 PM

I think I mentioned this place to you before. I've had great experiences here. Glad you finally gave it a shot!

Food Lover said... @ December 6, 2008 at 6:07 PM

I really need a bathroom check for certain establishments before I can eat at them. I had an experience in NY's Chinatown when I was in the women's bathroom and this Chinese male employee wearing gum boots and hip waders came in and started hosing down the bathroom while I was in there. Water was gushing down from the ceiling to the floor and I ran out hoping not to get sprayed. Bathrooms traumatize me and can be the deal breaker.

Anonymous said... @ December 7, 2008 at 6:39 AM

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