Our second Guest Blogger post! This time by Cr-Asian, former Vancouver native who has made a move down south to sunny California. She's back up in the hood visiting family & friend for the Holidays, so we linked up to reach one of Vancouver Slop's favorite spots, Ajisai for some sushi.


O-toro told me that Ajisai was the only place he eats sushi. And he mentioned how they have fish flown in fresh from Japan and that the octopus is good here. I'm not a fan of octopus because the last time I ate it I chewed for about 10 minutes and then spat it out because it was horrible. I am not one to shun any food. I am good about trying everything once and if it doesn't work for me, I never eat it again. The only things I am afraid to eat are organs and maybe things seen on "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman".

I met O-Toro closer to closing the other night and there was no wait and the restaurant was really mellow. We sat at the bar and I told him that he should just order and I will eat anything he puts in front of me. I wanted to try fish that I am unable to get at home in California. He ordered up some cucumber appetizer dish to start. It was served with barley miso and flavoured mayonnaise dipping sauce and it was pretty tasty. I don't eat much mayo these days but I make exceptions when I am in Canada as it seems everyone eats more mayonnaise up here. We ordered a BC roll (grilled salmon skin roll to those not located in BC) and a Torotaku Roll (toro & pickled radish). For nigiri sushi, some fresh octopus, sardines, tsubasu (baby hamachi), kanpachi (amber jack), and shima-aji (skip jack). All were delicious. The thing that blew my thick wooly socks off was how fresh everything was. The octopus wasn't chewy at all. The rice was done right. Everything was impeccable. I only have a few days in Vancouver for my Christmas vacation but I am definitely going back again.

I wasn't able to pick up the bill because O-Toro is too much of a generous friend. But I did glance at the menu and I thought the prices were affordable. But you have to remember I am now a California native and I think $10 is an average price for a crappy roll of sushi. Everyone in Vancouver should be grateful for the food they have available to them, especially when it comes to Asian food. Yes, I have an abundance of fish tacos and carne asada burritos at my disposal but I would give them up any day along with my pinky finger up to be able to eat sushi this great on a regular basis.

2081 W 42nd Ave.

Ajisai Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

Guest Blogger: Cr-Asian


Anonymous said... @ December 30, 2008 at 4:17 PM

Great review!

Anonymous said... @ January 1, 2009 at 10:50 PM

Ajisai rules!!

kent said... @ January 6, 2009 at 1:17 AM

i am still sad i missed out on this one, sorry arn. we need to work on our communication skills (and when i mean "we" i mean me...or matt)
great review though makes me like it even more than i did before, but matt also made me eat nato

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Unknown said... @ February 5, 2011 at 10:55 PM

i know i would have enjoyed this place, however, i was unfortunately disappointed when I saw that they were closed for holiday hours this christmas. My advise for you is to call ahead to make sure you don't put any money in the meters before you realize it's not open. I am hoping I get to go this February, on my next visit!

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