This is my first time having Persian food and in BC I guess there is no better place to have it other than North Vancouver. Yaas Bazaar is a popular spot for Persians and is an experience on its own. Walking into the store/food bazaar, you see a baked sweets section on the left, then aisles of canned or boxed Persian food products and to the right there is the hot food section.

Our Persian friend took care of the ordering and the three of us shared two plates of rice with kebabs. I think each plate was about 10 dollars and they both came with a pop. Overall, the meal was enjoyable. The rice was tasty and had some crispiness to it, which was a nice change to my regular Asian rice staple. The beef kebab was really good and the chicken was a little dry but we were eating near closing time so I would assume that was the reason.

The experience was non intimidating and enjoyable. The owner/staff was kind enough to turn the lights out while we were perusing the aisles to tell us that they were closing. I understand that people want to go home and I did not want my Persian friend to be embarrassed so I quickly scurried out but I really wanted to buy some sweets.

Yaas Bazaar
1860 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver


Anonymous said... @ December 11, 2008 at 8:46 AM

I love this place and go there whenever I'm in North Van.
You really should order the red berries (barberries I think they're called) to what you were having and the chicken won't seem as dry.
I always leave with a box of sweets.
You should order, go buy your sweets (because it usually takes a while for the food to get ready despite it being a cafeteria style place) and then eat.

Anonymous said... @ December 12, 2008 at 1:40 AM
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