Cafe D'Lite
Cafe D'Lite is a little hole in the wall spot located in Kits that serves Malaysian and Singapore cuisine. They close very early and we have ended up outside many times looking in on the closed restaurant thinking about the meal we could have had.

Cafe D'Lite's specialty is Hainanese chicken, which is hated and loved by many people. The chicken is cold, or room temperature and looks uncooked. Those two things alone tend to scare people away from this dish. If you can get over that I recommend that you try Cafe D'Lite's Hainanese Chicken.

We ordered the large Hainanese chicken ($13.00) which is served cut up and de-boned so it is nice and easy to eat. The chicken tastes great and the preparation makes it really easy to eat. We ordered a bowl of chicken rice and a noodle dish to accompany our chicken dish. They noodle and rice were standard in taste and worked well as a filler.

Since we just squeezed our asses in before last call we didn't get the best of service. My friend made sure they knew that from the tip that we left. I subscribe to a different philosophy and I usually always tip well and I just won't return if the service is bad.

Make sure you call before you go cause they close early.

Cafe D'Lite
3144 W. Broadway,
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Food Lover said... @ January 8, 2009 at 3:43 PM

Found this place randomly because one of my bffs worked next door. I was dying to find a mellow Malay spot in Vancouver after living in NYC and loving Nyonya in Little Italy/Chinatown. I don't remember the rest of the menu but the Hainanese chicken was okay. I would love to know how their roti canai or nasi lemak is.

If you go back to NYC, go to Nyonya. It's part of the Penang chain but their cheaper little brother and such a great bargain.

Lydia said... @ January 11, 2009 at 2:43 PM

Tips aren't a right, so I'd have to agree with your friend on this one.

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