Jules Casual French Bistro
To continue with my steak frites review, I went to Jules to try their steak frites set menu. I visited Jules a few years back and the meal I has was very memorable. Great atmosphere, great service, great food at a good value. This trip was not the same.

I ordered the set menu which consisted of a mixed green salad, steak frites, and a chocolate cake for 26 dollars. My fried ordered the french onion soup (8 dollars) and a plate of mussels with fries (14 dollars). The soup and salad were both good. Nothing stellar but decent. The steak frites was cooked to perfection, however overall the cut was not very flavourful and the sauce/gravy made it taste kinda cheap. The fries were crispy, hot and tasty. However, the bowl of mussels was the worst part of the night. They had a super, strong fishy taste and we couldn't eat half the bowl. Usually, when there is that much of your main course sitting around I would expect the server to ask if there was a problem. Otherwise, the service was very good.

I know there have been a few changes since I first went to Jules. I was told they have switched their butchers and one of the partners Stephan Gagnon sold his shares in the restaurant and started Les Faux Bourgeois. In any case, this visit was enough for me not to come back.

Jules Casual French Bistro
216 Abbott Street

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Anonymous said... @ January 2, 2009 at 11:22 AM

I'm not a big fan of this place. I've tried it twice now and didn't have a good experience either time.

Anonymous said... @ December 30, 2009 at 12:06 AM

We had such an upsetting experience at Jules and I wouldn't want any other diner to have to go through this. We arrived at 830 on a Tuesday night; there were four of us and we wanted to have desert and wine. We waited for a bit and then were seated by the owner. A few minutes later, when he realized we were there for desert, he stormed up to the table and shouted at us and tried to humiliate us. He simply raised his voice and demanded to know why we did not inform him we only wanted dessert and how he was shocked that hadn't. He said he could have seated other people in our seats and wondered how four people could sit down only for dessert. Other diners looked on and we were shocked by his behaviour. We have been to Jules many times before and we have taken our friends there. We were embarrassed that our friends were treated like this at a place we had recommended and we were totally furious. The owner of the restaurant didn't even acknowledge the fact that we have been there so many times before. The food is good and the prices are decent but a man like this does not deserve the business. I have never written a bad review before...I've never even felt compelled to write a review before but I just felt that I needed to tell people what had happened.

Anonymous said... @ January 22, 2010 at 12:42 AM

I'd heard some good things about this restaurant, but I'd also heard a lot of warnings about the service. My experience there bore out both claims.

The food was very good for the price. The atmosphere was just as cozy and lovely as I'd heard.

The service, however, was awful.

The entire staff sat down to eat at one point, completely ignoring both our table and the other table of customers. We tried to get their attention (as did the other customers) but were quite rudely ignored. We tipped, but I sure wish we hadn't. The offensive service wasn't worth the rest of the visit and we sure as heck won't be going back.

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