JJ's Restaurant
Here is another food event that I can now cross off my list. JJ's is a fine dining restaurant located in Vancouver Community College. The prices are really cheap because all the meals are cooked and served by students.

We walked in at 11:30 (you have to arrive before 12:00 to be seated) and a gentleman who had a mixture of colours in his hair was kind enough to take my coat. We sat down and took a look at the menu. What a deal!

Beginnings - Four Dollars Each
I ordered something off the daily sheet for my beginning and had pea greens with prawns wrapped in prosciutto. It tasted pretty dam good, altough it is hard to screw this one up, fantastic for four dollars. My buddy Kent ordered a salad containing pea greens, pickled pear, candied ginger and grape-seed oil. I wasn't into his salad as much, it was the first time I had pickled pear and I was not down with the acidic taste.

Middles - Nine Dollars Each
I ordered the lamb meat loaf panini with braised onions, gruyere cheese and minted aioli. The panini was good, I really enjoyed the taste of the lamb meat loaf. Not too gamey and had a solid flavor. Kent ordered off the daily menu and had the baked veal. Seems like the students needed more practice on this one because the veal did not have much flavour and the potatoes were decent but more on the bland side.

Ending - Three dollars
No endings for us today. The choices were rice pudding brulee, Pistachio olive oil cake, Warm pear tart and Peach bavarois

The whole process took about one hour. Our server was great and was very on top of things, her future looks like it will be brighter than being the girl that pushes the dim sum carts on Sundays. Best of luck to you girl. (No disrespect to all the loyal readers who are dim sum cart pushers)

JJ's Restaurant
Vancouver Community College (third floor)
250 Pender Street West
Vancouver, BC V6B 1S9
Phone: 604.443.8479

Consistency will be an issue, beware of the first year students.

I once got a hair cut at a hair school and after one hour and four apologies from the hair cutter, I had to ask to have my hair shaved off.


shokutsu said... @ January 15, 2009 at 2:45 PM

Bold of you to go for a "hair school".

I know the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts also has a similar student-run restaurant, would be interesting if you could compare the two.

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