I (Matt) still eat out everyday but I find that it is getting harder and harder for me to eat out at new restaurants. For my last dinner I gave my friend an option of four restaurants that we could eat at, he wasn't super happy that we couldn't go to one of our regular spots. In order to make sure Vancouverslop is still getting regular updates, and to add a new perspective to the website I have enlisted the help of a childhood friend, who will blog under the name T.

I lost track of T over the years but through Facebook we have found each other and became friends again. T is a foodie and currently works in the restaurant industry as a pastry chef.

Here is her bio:

I am a consummate foodie, so much so that I have followed my passion and work in the industry. Whether I am eating my way around Vancouver or abroad, I am always searching for the next "perfect" meal, cookbook, technique, kitchen gadget and the like. I look forward to sharing my savoury and sweet exploits with all of you. Remember life is too short so live to eat and not eat to live. Happy reading and happy eating!