The Refinery
Quality not quantity.

My group of six, headed to this eatery to celebrate a very late Christmas dinner. The Refinery opened about two months ago. Their concept is called a “market-style-eatery”. For us Vancouverites, think highly refined cheese and crackers, but so much more than that.

Between the six of us we tried all of the dishes offered on the DOV menu. I was impressed. The dishes were well executed. I don’t have anything bad to say about the flavour of the food. Some people might find the portions small though and not filling enough. I was full but some of my hollow leg friends were just satiated. My favorite picks were…

Appy - Smoked salmon with Lemoncello gelee (lemon booze Jell-O): Refreshing and tasty that I didn’t want to share it with anybody.
- Portobello stuffed beef carpaccio: Sliced so thin it melts in your mouth.

Main - Vegetarian plate: Spiced Dijon squash cubes
- Seafood plate: Smoked tuna and white wine mussels
- Meat and Cheese plate: Every morsel on that one.

Dessert - Charlie’s mascarpone mousse: Not too sweet and light. Perfect after dinner, sweet… or any time sweet. I’m still thinking about that humble little dessert.

Service was excellent. I was not rushed in between courses or hungering for the next. The pace was perfect for all of us to chitchat, hang back, relax and laugh. At the end of the meal a friend asked for some tea but was told there is no coffee or tea service yet. Five minutes later a Starbuck’s tall, chai tea magically appeared before her. Thanks Ryan.

The bill came to $55.00 per person including tip, one bottle of sparkling wine and one bottle of shiraz (shared between the six of us). It’s a bit expensive but, worth every penny. We all agreed that we would head back to the Refinery soon.

I think this place is ideal for the ladies. The meals aren’t heavy and the atmosphere is comfy and casual. It’s a great place to hang out with friends. For the boys, the Refinery is your wing man. Take your date here to wine and dine because it’s best to share plates here to experience the menu…maybe more.

Happy reading and happy eating.

1115 Granville Street, Vancouver

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